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Netwoven Story

Netwoven is a global technology professional services company headquartered in the Bay area, founded in 2001 by senior-level executives from Microsoft.

Netwoven Story

What We Do

Netwoven is a leading Microsoft Solutions Partner

Netwoven Story

We specialize in unraveling the complex with Microsoft technologies, data, content, cloud, and security. Some of our specialties are: 

  • Improving infrastructure, applications, and data security by leveraging Microsoft security products. 
  • Improving efficiency by streamlining and automating business processes.
  • Enabling secure collaboration between employees, customers, and suppliers. 
  • Providing solutions for improved employee engagement using Microsoft technologies. 
  • Operating as your backup IT department with managed services.  
  • Accelerating your move to the cloud with infrastructure and applications with proven frameworks.
  • Enabling organizations to gain deeper business insights by collecting, analyzing, and visualizing data efficiently and effectively. 
  • Providing staffing services to help our client's staff highly technical roles.  

Why partner with Netwoven?

Netwoven is a trusted Microsoft Solutions Partner who unravels complex business problems leveraging Microsoft technologies. We create and implement digital transformation strategies around secure collaboration, modern software applications, deeper insights from data, modern infrastructure, and security.

Netwoven is a global company headquartered in the San Francisco Bay area, founded in 2001 by senior-level executives from Microsoft, Oracle, and Intel.

  • Enterprise and mid-market experience solving the most complex business problems
  • A trusted Microsoft Solutions Partner with over 20 years of experience working with Fortune 500 companies
  • Microsoft Certified staff operating 24/7 so your projects are completed successfully
  • Seamless delivery processes that are clearly defined and aligned with your project plan
  • Intellectual reusable assets to help accelerate your project delivery with reduced risk
  • Direct access to Microsoft’s product team to leverage expertise for your project
  • Ability to leverage Microsoft incentives to help fund parts of your project.
20+Years of Experience
30+Fortune 1000 Customers
160+Team Members Worldwide
1M+Users migrated to Microsoft 365
5K+Microsoft 365 Projects Delivered
2.5xAverage Return on Investment

Value Proposition

We help modernize and secure your business processes and IT systems using Microsoft technologies.


Unravel the complex with innovative solutions so our clients soar!


A Top 5 Global Technology Consulting Powerhouse where the best & brightest thrive


At Netwoven, our mission is to be a trusted partner to our clients in their adoption and use of Microsoft technologies. We strive to provide the expertise and support needed to help businesses unlock the full potential of these powerful technologies and drive success with security at the core of everything we do.

  • Be Accountable
  • Be Client Obsessed
  • Be Curious
  • Be Exceptional
  • Be Involved
NetwovenCorporate Social Responsibility
Netwoven CSR

Netwoven’s Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) program focuses on underprivileged children and prioritizes issues mostly important to their education and upbringing. In a bid to bring cheer to the lives of less fortunate children and help them realize their dreams and ambitions, we have partnered with SOS Children’s Villages and Rehabilitation Centers for Children (RCFC) to financially help the underprivileged kids under it’s CSR initiatives.

We feel privileged to be a part of the noble cause by bringing sustainable positive changes in the lives of these underprivileged children. We strive to enact sustainable social change through economic growth, job creation, innovation and community services.

CSR has consistently remained at the heart of our HR initiatives, embodying our commitment to giving back to the community. Netwoven takes immense pride in its association with causes that uplift underprivileged children. Recently, we had the privilege of hosting Promise Kolkata Charitable Trust at our office, an experience filled with joy and inspiration. Interacting with these bright young minds reaffirmed our belief that all they need is love, compassion, and support. We are happy to make a humble effort towards a worthy cause, aiming to bring hope & joy to the lives of less fortunate children & helping them in pursuing their dreams and aspirations.

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