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Client Stories

Client Stories

Meet our happy customers who successfully leveraged our innovative solutions to accelerate their Digital Transformation journey

Client Stories

Client Stories

Customer-Centric Success: How Netwoven Makes a Difference

Construction Firm Strengthens Security Before Copilot for Microsoft 365 RolloutThe company partners with Netwoven to evaluate all M365 workload along with security infrastructure to create a baseline for M365 Copilot DeploymentRead Customer Story ➜

Azure Infrastructure for a global, multicontinent manufacturing firmA leading polymer manufacturing company leapfrogs into creating Azure Infrastructure on its way to the cloudRead Customer Story ➜

Improve sales process by integrating D365 Sales and Marketing with HubSpotA Financial Services Firm evolves integrated solution for seameless event registration and trackingRead Customer Story ➜

A comprehensive solution using Dynamics 365 and outlook integration for management of meeting schedule and logisticsA Semiconductor Manufacturing company creates innovative solution for customer meeting and logistics managementRead Customer Story ➜

Using Power BI and Dynamics 365 for optimizing patient vaccination systemsA health care service provider improved management of clinic events using Power BI and Dynamics 365Read Customer Story ➜

Assessing Appointment Trends with actionable insights using Dynamics 365 and Power BIA health care service provider innovates solutions for optimizing appointments and vaccination schedulesRead Customer Story ➜

A data driven solution using Power BI to measure adoption of security implimentationThe company measured the success of the security initiatives of a semiconductor equipment manufacturing companyRead Customer Story ➜

Jive to Microsoft 365 Migration empowers Spectrum Health’s integrated social collaborationThe company was looking for a real-time user collaboration tool for seamless experience. Microsoft 365 migration provided them a comprehensive and modern environment along with savings in license cost.Read Customer Story ➜

Edinburg Center optimized maintenance and IT investments with scalable and secure Microsoft 365 tenantThe company was challenged with on-prem IT maintenance and vurnerability to Zero day IT risk. The switch to Microsoft 365 tenant helped them stay secure while scaling business continuity.Read Customer Story ➜

Intranet Modernization to improve Digital Employee ExperienceImproving digital employee experience through Viva and Microsoft 365 platformRead Customer Story ➜

A logistics company provides actionable insights to its customers to help improve their porfitability through integrated Power BI solutionThe company boosted customer profit margins by centralizing data from SharePoint and Dynamics into a Power BI dashboard, enhancing satisfaction, profitability, scalability, and reducing turnaround time.Read Customer Story ➜

A retail company reengineers customer support email help desk solution on Azure and Microsoft 365The company replaced their outdated Lotus Notes email management system with a performant and scalable customer support email help desk solution on Azure and Microsoft 365Read Customer Story ➜

A global manufacturing test tool campany evolves data governance strategy secured by MS Purview along with POC of sample business dataBusiness Intelligence data were collected from Oracle, Dynamics 365 and Power BI reports were created utilizing Azure Data Lake Gen 2 and Synapse Tables. A comprehensive data governance strategy was developed using Microsoft Purview.Read Customer Story ➜

A financial trading company develops data retention solution for volumnous business messages and conversationsThe company wanted to retain huge data from their Slack and Teams messages. They leveraged on Microsoft 365's graph API to export the data into a PST format and created offline storage for safe retention.Read Customer Story ➜

A healthcare technology firm migrates their legacy applications to Microsoft 365The company used legacy systems like Tableau, Simplement, MuleSoft and Snowflake. These data along with other medication delivery applications are migrated to Microsoft 365.Read Customer Story ➜

Microsoft 365 Managed Services helps a semiconductor manufacturing company protect sensitive informationThe company needed some critical skillset and know how of the Office 365, SharePoint Collaboration and Azure ecosystem. They received end to end managed services for comprehensive Information Protection program which mitigated the long term and immediate issues they were facing.Read Customer Story ➜

Information Protection and Compliance of a semiconductor company's PDR process by Microsoft 365's SharePoint OnlineThe company swiftly transitioned from an outdated PDR risk review process to SharePoint online. They were able to securely manage new product releases and collaborations which improved user experience.Read Customer Story ➜

A Microsoft 365 tenant migration for a cybersecurity company who went through an acquisitionThe company integrated the acquiree's Microsoft 365 tenant. With this they were able to reduce the acquired company's liscensing cost.Read Customer Story ➜

Spearheading the assessment to move to MEC for ensuring Information Protection of a semiconductor companyThe company achieved Sensitive Information Protection (SIP) by enabling Monthly Enterprise Channel for Microsoft 365. The issues with the SIP labels and some of the co-authoring functionality with Office documents are now resolved.Read Customer Story ➜

An enterprise-grade Information Protection program to a Fortune 1000 semiconductor services & equipment supplierThe company developed and expanded an airtight data protection strategy with Microsoft 365 platform. They are now well equipped to manage both administrative and troubleshooting responsibilities for the program.Read Customer Story ➜

Replacing Seclore with Microsoft Information Protection for a semiconductor equipment supplierThe company transitioned from Seclore to the Microsoft Information Protection stack, optimizing data security across their enterprise while reducing costs.Read Customer Story ➜

Relay GSE migrated from Okta to Entra ID and decreased maintenance and license costs significantlyThe company figured that their previous Cloud Identity Provider Okta started being disorganized adding to their maintenance and license costs. Already having Microsoft 365 internally rolled out, made it obvious for them to adopt Microsoft Entra ID.Read Customer Story ➜

Marvell’s seamless transition from MDT to Windows Autopilot for Unified Endpoint ManagementMarvell streamlined IT processes by transitioning from MDT to Autopilot for Unified Endpoint Management, benefiting their global workforce.Read Customer Story ➜

Migrating huge number of videos to SharePoint Library to help an entertainment company gain scalabilityThe company fully transitioned from Jive to Microsoft 365. Numerous videos were successfully migrated to a SharePoint Document library, and discussions related to videos and other content were moved to modern SharePoint pages. As a result, they now experience improved performance and reduced license renewal.Read Customer Story ➜

Assessment and implementation of Microsoft 365 migration to achieve unified user experience for a cybersecurity companyThe company migrated from Jive to Microsoft 365 for real time collaboartive features. This increased user satisfaction and gave them a cost friendly solution.Read Customer Story ➜

Jive database backup and secure SharePoint Online migration helped a digital media company to optimize costThe company successfully migrated from Jive Intranet to the Microsoft 365 platform within the designated timeline. Despite the expiring Jive license, they incurred no additional costs for Jive backup.Read Customer Story ➜

Juniper Networks migrated from Jive to Microsoft 365 for a unified collaboration experience while also saving costThe company decided to migrate to Microsoft 365 but shifting 13000 sites content without losing user experience in record time was a challenge. Netwoven’s process streamlined the workload, resulting in robust business continuity.Read Customer Story ➜

Lime Connect replaced its outdated email system and upgraded IT infrastructure by Microsoft 365 suiteThe company wanted to upgrade its IT infrastructure and collaboration tools. Deployment of Microsoft 365 helped the company establish Identity Protection and improve savings.Read Customer Story ➜

Keysight Technologies' migration from Jive to Microsoft 365: Enhancing user experience and securityThe company noticed a decline in usage of Jive and transitioned to Microsoft 365. This helped them boost user experience, security and buisness continuity.Read Customer Story ➜

Conga's migration to Microsoft 365 resulted in an effective Knowledge Management ecosystem within the budgetThe company aimed to integrate the diverse features of Slack, Hipchat, and DropBox into a single platform. Migrating to Microsoft 365 required extensive expertise. Netwoven ensured a seamless, high-speed transition for Conga.Read Customer Story ➜

Sonoma-Marin Area Rail Transit's SharePoint Migration made them a SMART workplaceThe company sought modern intranet tools, making SharePoint a natural choice. Netwoven's thorough assessment, preparation, and cleanup enabled a smooth migration. Now, they enjoy a smart collaboration space powered by Microsoft 365.Read Customer Story ➜

Juniper Networks cuts costs and enhances Data Governance with migration to Microsoft 365 from DocumentumThe company had a massive on-prem CMS installation, Documentum. To reduce their on-prem infrastructure footprint and governance, Netwoven helped them migrate to Microsoft 365.Read Customer Story ➜

Sonoma-Marin Area Rail Transit's upgrade to a modern Active Directory InfrastructureThe company wanted a solution to minimize their constant monitoring and upkeeping of internal collaboration and infrastructure. Netwoven facilitated them to upgrade to a robust and up to date Active Directory Infrastructure.Read Customer Story ➜

Juniper Networks' journey from Jive to Microsoft 365 for effective knowledge sharingThe company excels in sharing technical knowledge across multiple channels but faced usability challenges. Seeking a unified solution, they aimed to establish a Network of Knowledge (NoK) for centralized access. Netwoven revamped the NoK, enabling real-time connectivity for critical issues.Read Customer Story ➜

Jelly Belly improved collaboration and productivity through SharePoint MigrationThe company wanted to migrate from SharePoint 2010 to Sharepoint 2016. Netwoven helped them upgrade and take advantage of many new features of SharePoint 2016.Read Customer Story ➜

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