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We help modernize and secure your data, business processes and IT systems using Microsoft technologies

Cloud Infrastructure and Security

Secure Your Cloud Environment with Netwoven's Comprehensive Infrastructure and Security Services

Netwoven is a Microsoft Preferred Security Partner and offers a comprehensive range of cloud infrastructure and security services to help organizations optimize their cloud environments and ensure the security of their critical data and applications inside Microsoft 365.

We understand the challenges that organizations face when migrating to the cloud and have the expertise and experience to design, implement, and manage cloud infrastructures that meet their unique needs.

Our services cover everything from cloud architecture design and implementation to ongoing management, monitoring, and optimization. We also provide advanced security solutions that include threat detection and response, vulnerability assessments, and compliance management to protect organizations from cyber threats and ensure regulatory compliance.

With Netwoven's cloud infrastructure and security services, organizations can achieve the agility, scalability, and cost savings benefits of the cloud while maintaining the highest levels of security and compliance.

Our Microsoft Security Services

Cloud Infrastructure and Security
Cloud Infrastructure and Security
Content and Collaboration

Unleash the Full Potential of Your Content and Collaboration Platforms with Netwoven's Expert Services

Netwoven's content and collaboration services are designed to help organizations use Microsoft 365 for secure content sharing and collaboration tools that empower and engage employees.

We understand that effective content management and collaboration are essential for driving innovation, productivity, and growth, and have the expertise and experience to deliver solutions that meet our clients' unique needs.

Our services cover everything from strategy and planning to implementation, migration, and customization. We work with leading platforms such as Microsoft SharePoint, Teams, and Viva Engage, as well as other collaboration tools, to help organizations improve knowledge sharing, communication, and collaboration across their teams.

Our team of experts can help clients optimize their content management processes, implement best practices for document and records management, and improve their search and content discovery capabilities. With Netwoven's content and collaboration services, organizations can streamline their workflows, improve productivity, and achieve their business objectives with greater efficiency and effectiveness.

Our Content and Collaboration Services

Content and Collaboration
Content and Collaboration
Modern Applications

Accelerate Your Business Growth with Netwoven's Modern Application Services

Netwoven's modern application services help organizations drive innovation and growth by developing modern, scalable, and secure Microsoft 365 applications that meet their unique needs.

We understand that modern applications must be flexible, cloud-native, and mobile-ready to support the dynamic needs of today's businesses. Our team of experienced developers, architects, and engineers have the expertise to design and build custom applications that integrate with the latest cloud platforms, including Microsoft Azure, AWS, and Google Cloud. Our services cover the entire application lifecycle, from ideation and design to development, testing, deployment, and ongoing support.

We also provide expertise in modern application technologies such as microservices, containers, and DevOps to help clients build applications that can rapidly evolve to meet changing business needs. With Netwoven's modern application services, organizations can create innovative, scalable, and secure applications that drive business growth and competitive advantage.

Modernize Your Microsoft Apps

Modern Applications
Modern Applications
Data and Analytics

Unlock Valuable Insights and Drive Business Growth with Netwoven's Data Engineering and Analytics Services

Netwoven's data and analytics services are designed to help organizations unlock the full potential of their Microsoft 365 data by providing powerful insights and analytics.

We understand that data is a critical asset for businesses and have the expertise and experience to help clients derive value from their data. Our services cover everything from data strategy and architecture to data integration, data quality, and data analytics. We work with Microsoft Azure to help clients implement scalable and secure data platforms that support advanced analytics and insights.

Our team of data engineers, architects, and analysts can help clients optimize their data infrastructure, automate data processes, and apply advanced analytics techniques such as machine learning and artificial intelligence to generate valuable insights.

With Netwoven's data engineering and analytics services, organizations can transform their data into a strategic asset that drives business growth and competitive advantage.

Unravel Your Complex Data

Data and Analytics
Data and Analytics
Expert Staffing

We understand your need and provide the requisite skillset when you need it

Netwoven’s flexible expert staffing service aims to provide professionals specific to your need with a global delivery model. Being an accredited Microsoft Solutions partner, we maintain a pool of specialized resources both internally and externally and you could engage them at a very short notice. Our commitment to delivering high-quality, tailor-made staffing solutions allows business to focus on their core activities while confidently knowing they have access to the best-suited professionals to drive success in their endeavors.

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Expert Staffing

Why partner with Netwoven?

Netwoven is a trusted Microsoft Solutions Partner who unravels complex business problems leveraging Microsoft technologies. We create and implement digital transformation strategies around secure collaboration, modern software applications, deeper insights from data, modern infrastructure, and security.

Netwoven is a global company headquartered in the San Francisco Bay area, founded in 2001 by senior-level executives from Microsoft, Oracle, and Intel.

  • Enterprise and mid-market experience solving the most complex business problems
  • A trusted Microsoft Solutions Partner with over 20 years of experience working with Fortune 500 companies
  • Microsoft Certified staff operating 24/7 so your projects are completed successfully
  • Seamless delivery processes that are clearly defined and aligned with your project plan
  • Intellectual reusable assets to help accelerate your project delivery with reduced risk
  • Direct access to Microsoft’s product team to leverage expertise for your project
  • Ability to leverage Microsoft incentives to help fund parts of your project.

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20+Years of Experience
30+Fortune 1000 Customers
160+Team Members Worldwide
1M+Users migrated to Microsoft 365
5K+Microsoft 365 Projects Delivered
2.5xAverage Return on Investment

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Our experience working with the Netwoven team was excellent. They demonstrated a high level of expertise and admirable quality of work which helped us solve any challenges that occurred during the migration process and assisted us in the timely completion of the project. I’m extremely satisfied with the smooth execution of the project and the overall outcome achieved.
Joaquin AlvarezSenior Director
Netwoven has built out our organization’s secure and scalable Microsoft 365 tenant and provided workshops to speed up our adoption and rollout. We used the COVID-19 pandemic and the recent increase in security breaches as opportunities to fast-track our digital transformation to the Microsoft365 cloud. The migration of our existing mail services and identities to the cloud secures one of our business-critical applications and will begin to transform the way we do our business.
Bill RileyInformation Technology Director


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