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Improve sales process by integrating D365 Sales and Marketing with HubSpot

A Financial Services Firm evolves integrated solution for seameless event registration and tracking

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Leveraging Microsoft Dynamics 365 Sales and Marketing, Netwoven successfully deployed and customized the company’s CRM, providing a seamless integrated platform to manage sales and marketing activities.


The company had previously implemented three Enterprise CRMs with little success and were struggling to adopt one that met the needs of their sales and marketing teams. Their current CRM had limited functionality and was often laggy which resulted in low adoption and contributed to the sales team’s ongoing practice of tracking sales activity through spreadsheets.

From a marketing perspective, the company was looking to leverage Dynamics Sales’ engagement scores, customer journeys, and automation, and were looking to use Dynamics Marketing for mass email marketing.  For visibility and reporting capabilities for campaigns and events, they chose HubSpot, and Netwoven successfully integrated HubSpot as an additional marketing tool with Cvent and Zoom integrations. 


  • Seamless Dynamics Integration: Dynamics Sales and Marketing provided a seamless integrated platform for the company to manage sales and marketing activities through Marketing Insights, Microsoft Teams, Outlook, and other products. This allowed for faster and better lower of data and AI.
  • Event Registration and Tracking Efficiencies: HubSpot integrated well with Dynamics Sales and Marketing and added much-needed efficiencies to event registration and tracking through Zoom and Cvent.
  • Actionable Insights: Dynamics Reporting, Analytics, and Goal Tracking functionality allowed the sales team more visibility into the sales process, which increased their sales efficiencies.
  • Data Migration and Integration: 130GB of data was successfully migrated and integrated into the company’s SQL data warehouse and backup processes using KingswaySoft data integration software.


  • Escalation in CRM user adoption
  • Increase in sales efficiencies, and boost in sales
  • Clearer vision of the current sales process and insights, providing guidance for the future
  • Happy, profitable customers

Business Impact

  • Both the sales and marketing teams showed clear excitement when using the new CRM, and adoption skyrocketed in the first month
  • The refined sales process resulted in a focus on the right customers and ultimately an increase in sales
  • Better event tracking led to efficient prospect tracking and an increase in potential clients
  • Productivity improvement through efficient business process
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