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An enterprise-grade Information Protection program to a Fortune 1000 semiconductor services & equipment supplier

The company developed and expanded an airtight data protection strategy with Microsoft 365 platform. They are now well equipped to manage both administrative and troubleshooting responsibilities for the program.

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Case Study

The Challenge

The customer needed to develop a comprehensive, best-in-breed data security strategy to protect their most sensitive and critical information. Like other enterprises, the company had invested in an airtight network and infrastructure level security strategy to safeguard its internal content. Now, it needed to expand that strategy to build a fortress around file-level content, particularly when sharing data with outside companies such as customers, suppliers, and other business partners.

The Solution

After a rigorous selection process, the company already had identified Microsoft 365 E5 as its platform of choice for sensitive content and security modules – but needed an experienced 365 partner to ensure implementation was up to the exacting standards of all its internal and external stakeholders.

The company selected Netwoven to implement the solution, on the strength of its demonstrated history of success with enterprise content management, data protection, and Microsoft technologies (including its Gold partner status with Microsoft).

In partnership with the company, Netwoven defined and implemented a comprehensive data protection strategy. The solution consisted of:

  • Classification labels that were created to facilitate the organization-wide rollout
  • Custom components to ensure the classification of content based on containers
  • Standardization of Microsoft 365 (SharePoint and Teams) for managing sensitive content
  • Deployment of Microsoft’s Monthly Enterprise Channel for providing collaboration capabilities for different types of encrypted labels
  • Education and training for the company’s existing help desk
  • Comprehensive adoption program for the users using training and communication
  • Support to prevent trade-restricted individuals from accessing sensitive information based on U.S. government policies

The Benefit

As a result of the partnership, Netwoven delivered top-tier protection for the company’s most sensitive content. This security scheme provides both protection and tracking, down to the file level, throughout its global supply chain; it also offers layers of internal security to ensure that only the appropriate personnel can access specific documents, emails, schematics, and more. Additionally, the company’s IT staff is fully vested in the solution and help desk personnel are adequately prepared to manage both administrative and troubleshooting responsibilities for the program.

About Semiconductor Services Supplier CompanyThe customer is a global supplier of services and equipment to the world's leading companies in the semiconductor industry. As one of the most advanced technology companies, almost every advanced chip today is built with its technology. As a Fortune 1000 company, the customer has been transforming atomic-scale engineering and driving semiconductor breakthroughs through innovation, precision, and commitment.
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