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Replacing Seclore with Microsoft Information Protection for a semiconductor equipment supplier

The company transitioned from Seclore to the Microsoft Information Protection stack, optimizing data security across their enterprise while reducing costs.

Customer Semiconductor Equipment Supplier Company
Solutions ProvidedData Security and GovernanceProducts UsedSystem Replaced
  • Seclore
Case Study

The Challenge

The customer was using a Digital Rights Management (DRM) solution, Seclore, to protect some of its most sensitive information when sharing it with outside parties. This information was stored in a hosted SharePoint instance, with Seclore components ‘bolted on’ to gatekeep the data. While Seclore was providing adequate data security, the company sought to better leverage its investment in the Microsoft 365 platform, which was widely deployed across the company and predominately used by its outside customers, suppliers, and other external interests.

The Solution

Netwoven was chosen to spearhead the project due to its expertise in Microsoft technologies, specifically around content management and data protection. Netwoven’s first task was to perform a comprehensive analysis of the existing Seclore/Microsoft hybrid solution and to determine the best path to migration to a native Microsoft 365 deployment. Netwoven determined that the Microsoft Information Protection (MIP) stack could meet all the requirements, except for dynamic watermarking capabilities. Netwoven developed a custom component to fill the watermarking gap with MIP and undertook the migration on behalf of the client.

The solution had several components, including:

  • Content classification labels that were created for rollout to the entire organization
  • Custom components to facilitate classification of content based on Microsoft 365 SharePoint containers
  • Custom component to provide dynamic watermarking (IP, User who opened the file, current date)
  • Removal of the Seclore encryption from files and application of Microsoft Information Protection (MIP) -based labels
  • Migration of files from the hosted SharePoint repository to Microsoft 365

The Benefit

The company reaped substantial benefits from the migration into a single Microsoft solution. In addition to significant cost savings, the enterprise has unlocked further efficiencies from having a single enterprise-wide data security technology stack. The solution continues to deliver best-in-breed security for both internal and external stakeholders, and layers in next-generation DRM protection thanks to the customized deployment developed by Netwoven.

About Semiconductor Equipment Supplier CompanyThe customer is one of the largest services and equipment suppliers in the world to semiconductor companies. As a leading technology company with a global presence, every advanced chip today is built with the customer’s technology. They have been transforming atomic-scale engineering and driving semiconductor breakthroughs through innovation, technology, and expertise.
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