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A financial trading company develops data retention solution for volumnous business messages and conversations

The company wanted to retain huge data from their Slack and Teams messages. They leveraged on Microsoft 365's graph API to export the data into a PST format and created offline storage for safe retention.

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Case Study

The Challenge

The company like many other businesses is facing an ever-growing challenge when it comes to managing their social media accounts. As they acquire new organizations, customers must export and store large volumes of messages. This process is expensive, as it involves adding additional accounts to their data retention system on a per-message basis.

Additionally, the company must ensure that each account is compliant with all national data privacy regulations. To mitigate these costly and time consuming processes, businesses have begun to explore automation solutions that can streamline their social media data management.

The Solution

Netwoven’s revolutionary new product leverages graph API technology to export Slack and Teams messages into a PST format, store them securely on disk and ship them to the customer's data retention partner. Any data retention partner can then easily digest and store this information for archiving and auditing. By doing this, Netwoven is able to ensure that businesses are compliant with regulatory requirements, as well as provide unprecedented transparency into the conversations taking place within their organization. This technology also ensures that businesses in regulated industries can meet the stringent standards of data retention for their industry. With this solution, customers can store and manage their data more efficiently and cost-effectively.


Netwoven’s solution not only offers an efficient and cost-effective way for customers to store and manage their data, but it also eliminates the need for costly per-seat license fees. This allows customers to save money on their storage costs, while still enjoying the benefits of a secure data retention solution that is compliant with industry standards. In addition, customers can customize the length of time they wish to store their data, allowing them to remain compliant with their own data retention policies. Finally, since Netwoven’s solution is built on Azure, customers can be sure that their data is always secure and protected.

About Exchange And Clearinghouse Operator Company

As the use of social messaging in business continues to grow, it is becoming increasingly important for companies to find a reliable and efficient way to store, archive, and manage these conversations. Netwoven's solution provides customers with the tools necessary to meet their data retention and compliance needs. With its secure storage capabilities, Azure platform integration, and user-friendly interface, Netwoven is an ideal solution for customers seeking an efficient and cost-effective data retention platform. Additionally, Netwoven provides customers with detailed insights into their conversations and data, so they can make informed decisions based on this information.

The company is a global exchange operator that operates markets for trading a wide range of assets, including energy, agricultural commodities, equities, and interest rates. The company was founded in 2000 and is headquartered in Atlanta, Georgia, USA. It operates exchanges and clearinghouses in North America, Europe, and Asia, and its customers include institutional and individual investors, as well as commercial hedgers and traders.

The organization was looking for a partner who could export communications from messaging platforms like Teams and Slack and store them in a manner that could be referenced through a legal hold process. Netwoven helped to build a solution that leveraged the Microsoft Graph API's to collect, index, and store all social media communications in a way that could be easily searched and exported for compliance and litigation purposes.

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