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A comprehensive solution using Dynamics 365 and outlook integration for management of meeting schedule and logistics

A Semiconductor Manufacturing company creates innovative solution for customer meeting and logistics management

Customer Semiconductor Company CountryUnited States
Solutions ProvidedDynamic 365 Integration
Case Study


Leveraging Microsoft Dynamics 365 Sales to provide a seamlessly integrated program for meeting preparation, scheduling, and logistics​ for high-level executives and key customers.


The company had previously implemented a program for scheduling meetings and events with their high-level executives and key customers. Due to rising usage costs, lack of functionality and integration capabilities, they decided to sunset that program. Their goal was to take their scheduling program to the next level, providing white glove service for their key customers.


The company leveraged Microsoft Dynamics Sales which was already being used as their CRM. With Netwoven’s help, they added custom development to leverage integration between solutions, and PCF (Power Apps Component Framework) control functionality to compliment Dynamics out of the box functionality. As a result, after six months of usage, the program became an essential executive meeting preparation and logistics tool​. Below are some of the solution’s highlights:

  • Custom Outlook Integration: The out of the box Outlook integration with Dynamics was essential to the program, but it lacked an approval process and governance for different levels and types of meetings. These were important to the success of the program. To solve for this, Netwoven constructed a robust system to orchestrate approvals and to govern the native sync between Dynamics and Outlook to allow for seamless usage by multiple teams and individuals. This allowed for smooth scheduling and communication between the executives and key customers.
  • Custom Bulk Action Functionality: The Dynamics sub-grid data presentation was limiting and clunky to use for scheduling and editing meetings and attendees. To streamline this functionality and focus on ease of use, Netwoven developed custom PCF solutions to provide a bulk editing framework which allowed users to independently change multiple actions at the same time. This solution also provided the opportunity to change the look and feel of the program to something more attractive and desirable to the company.


  • Cost savings
  • Efficiency​ and ease of use​
  • Single source of truth​
  • Quality of meeting​s
  • Strategic impact​
  • Scalability
  • Wider usage throughout the company

Business Impact

  • Enhanced decision-making and business intelligence
  • Better internal alignment on messaging, content, and transparency
  • White glove service for key customers
  • Overall cost savings
About Semiconductor CompanyHighly successful semi-conductor equipment manufacturer company.
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