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A data driven solution using Power BI to measure adoption of security implimentation

The company measured the success of the security initiatives of a semiconductor equipment manufacturing company

Customer Semiconductor equipment manufacturing company Organization Size16,000 +CountryUnited States
Solutions ProvidedPower BI
Case Study


The company developed a fully integrated Power BI based solution and dashboard to provide insights to gauge the success and adoption of security initiatives.


The company had implemented a multi-year security initiative requiring classification, labeling, and protection services on documents to restrict viewing by unauthorized personnel. They used MIP (Microsoft Information Protection) for this initiative and were looking for visibility into the MIP security program, tracking usage and adoption. They investigated Microsoft OOTB reporting and found it lacked the functionality they needed because:

  • Data was only available for 30 days, making trend analysis impossible
  • Data integrity was suspect
  • A potential solution option was no longer supported by Microsoft
  • Microsoft recommended a custom solution for capturing historical data on file activities using APIs and PowerBI


Netwoven created a comprehensive dashboard for visualizing key MIP program metrics with drill down and export to Excel facility for further analysis. The dashboard contained three main types of information:

  • MIP sites created
  • Sensitivity labeling activities performed by users in SharePoint Online and OneDrive
  • MIP content housed in SharePoint online sites

data driven Solution to measure adoption of its security implimentation


  • Data-Driven Decision Making: providing valuable insights into the MIP initiative, enabling better strategic planning going forward.
  • Set the stage for other data tracking: enabling the company to create tracking dashboards for other initiatives and programs going forward.
  • Ongoing real time insights: exporting data to other security monitoring platforms

Business Impact

  • Visibility into success of MIP security initiative
  • Insight into malicious activity through monitoring label changes
  • The MIP reporting initiative helped track progress of the migration of SharePoint on prem sites to SharePoint Online
  • Cost savings for MIP product as they already owned Microsoft products
About Semiconductor equipment manufacturing companyHighly successful semi-conductor equipment manufacturing company.
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