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A logistics company provides actionable insights to its customers to help improve their porfitability through integrated Power BI solution

The company boosted customer profit margins by centralizing data from SharePoint and Dynamics into a Power BI dashboard, enhancing satisfaction, profitability, scalability, and reducing turnaround time.

Customer A Leader in DTC Logistics Company Organization Size501-1,000 employeesCountryUnited States
Solutions ProvidedPower BI
Case Study


The company developed a fully integrated Power BI based solution to provide actionable insights to increase the profitability of its customers spanning across multiple locations and operating with diverse data sources.


The company was struggling with understanding how to help their customers increase profits. They needed advanced business analytics and reporting to gain valuable insights into how to adjust each customer’s custom pricing to gain profitability. As an added challenge, their customer data existed in multiple locations and required consolidation to transform the data into actionable insights to increase profits.

The Solution

The company decided to implement an integrated Power BI solution. Here's how it brought about a transformative change:

  • Data Integration: All of company’s data sources were integrated into a centralized Power BI dashboard. This allowed for a timely, holistic view of all key performance indicators.
  • Advanced Analytics: Reporting and analytics on all customer gross profit margins. This included data that existed in both SharePoint and Dynamics
  • Interactive Dashboards: Several ways for users to calculate different variable costs (i.e., shipping costs, labor, and packaging) for specific customers, and by specific date ranges
  • Actionable Insights: Self-service functionality for users to adjust modeling for forecasting.

Power BI Margin Analysis


The implementation of the integrated Power BI solution has brought several significant benefits to the company:

  • Improved Customer Satisfaction: helping their customers become more profitable which in turn, creates more profitability for the company
  • Data-Driven Decision Making: providing valuable insights and enabling better strategic planning. These reports are used on calls with customers for on-demand insights and decision making
  • Competitive Advantage: allowing the company to stand out in the competitive logistics market by providing streamlined ways to help their customers customize their operations to be more profitable.

Power BI's advanced data analytics transformed the way company approached their data. Having a more comprehensive view of their customers helped them make decisions to enhance their customer's profitability, and in turn increase their own profits. This case serves as an example of how Power BI solutions can significantly impact a company's customer satisfaction, leading to company’s long-term success.

Business Impact

  • Increased customer profitability
  • Embracing a diverse data set for functional improvement
  • Custom value chain integration to improve scalability and reduce turnaround time
  • Innovation through partnership
About A Leader in DTC Logistics CompanyThe company is the most comprehensive DTC logistics provider for beverages, supporting warehousing, transport, and order fulfilment. It is recognized as the fastest, most accurate, and most cost-efficient delivery network for some of the industry’s best brands in the sector.
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