Embark on your journey to an AI-enhanced and streamlined way of managing controlled documents - Netwoven
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Document management simplified with Netwoven’s Document Management System (eDMS) in Microsoft 365

Document management simplified with Netwoven’s Document Management System (eDMS) in Microsoft 365

Embark on your journey to an AI-enhanced and streamlined way of managing controlled documents

eDMS redefines how your organization interacts with documents, promotes collaboration, achieves efficiency, and provides a user-centric experience. Embrace the change and unlock new levels of productivity with eDMS on Microsoft 365.


92% of collaborating professionals risk losing files from the use of email
83% of employees recreate documents missing in the company network
50% of knowledge worker time lost in preparing documentation
45% of companies spent a week or more just to have a contract signed
21% of overall staff productivity loss due to documentation issues

Value realization

A full-featured document management solution built on your existing technology stack, tailored to your business needs

Embark on your journey to an AI-enhanced and streamlined way of managing controlled documents

Netwoven eDMS offers several advantages that contribute to increased efficiency, and productivity within an organization. The key advantages are.

  • Usability
  • Enhanced collaboration
  • Version control
  • Document security & encryption
  • Reduced physical storage costs
  • Search and retrieval efficiency
  • Workflow automation
  • Compliance and auditing
  • Disaster recovery
  • Scalability
  • Cost savings

Built on the Microsoft technology stack, organizations achieve greater ROI by utilizing existing infrastructure.


  Authoring Approval Publication Archival
Security and Compliance
  • Company standard document templates
  • MIP label-based document protection
  • Complete control on co authoring, internal and external sharing
  • Only authorized approver(s) can access the document
  • Integrity of document confidentiality is maintained
  • Authorization by document administrator Secured repository of released documents Notification
  • Role based access control on viewing and sharing
  • Watermarking and overlays for protection throughout the lifecycle
  • Only by document administrator Automatic expiration management
Business Process Automation and AI
  • Drafting assistance - AI powered copilot reminders
  • New document or update a published document managed workflows
  • Automatic template identification based on user attributes AI assisted seach on template selection
  • Configurable MIP labels auto populates document metadata based on template or role
  • Configurability to decide on approvers
  • Multistage review and parallel approval workflows with intelligent restart after rejection
  • Add or modify approver(s) in a running approval flow with ACL
  • Restart the approval process in different stage
  • Designed to overcome the inherent constraint of workflow timeout
  • Architecturally enabled to handle workflow processess for approval and publishing process pending over a long period of time
  • Dynamic cycle time for each approval stage dynamic task reminder notification
  • Automatic insertion of document control information
  • Automatic watermarking
  • Automatic reminder to owners before expiry of documents
  • Easy recertification for extension of expiring documents
  • Ability to restore only by administrator
Actionable Insights
  • Advanced search capability at every stage of the document life cycle based on
    • Metadata
    • Worflow status
    • Role
  • Actionable links in-built in the reports
  • Tracking of documents through out the workflow processes based on workflow status and other attributes detailed audit trail reports
  • Reminders and alerts for all pending actions
  • Metadata tagging and advanced search capabilities
  • Comprehensive report on individual document lifecycle
  • Dynamic detail dashboard
  • Flexibility to create custom reports using a friendly interface


Adherence to business approved document format
Adherence to business approved document format

Intelligent templating framework to ensure documents follow approved formats and necessary metadata is auto-populated.

Document lifecycle management
Document lifecycle management

End-to-end document lifecycle management from creation to obsolescence.

Simplified document publishing process
Simplified document publishing process

Reduce iterations & streamline the document publishing process with intelligent and role- based field visibility

Automated task notification
Automated task notification

Automated & configurable review, approval, recertification and retirement task notifications drive your content lifecycle with the content owners

Accuracy and consistency in document metadata
Accuracy and consistency in document metadata

Embedded quick parts enable and ensure that content in your documents is up to date with your metadata.

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