Focus on core Business Continuity Management processes and leave the rest to our solution - Netwoven
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Empower your BCM program with Resilience, Flexibility and Industry Standard Framework

Empower your BCM program with Resilience, Flexibility and Industry Standard Framework

Focus on core Business Continuity Management processes and leave the rest to our solution

Our cloud based BCM solution recognizes the evolving and continually improving nature of a BCM program and offers a framework to model processes, provides checks and balance metrics and most importantly ability to scale up and adopt seamlessly with changing business scenarios. BCM Solution Portal


Enabling organizations to prepare well and manage incidents, if they come, with least disruption and fastest recovery

40%of businesses and more will never reopen after a major natural disaster
90% of companies that experience data loss go out of business within two years
93% of companies that lose critical systems for more than 10 days quickly file for bankruptcy
38% of organizations were implementing lessons learned from previous crises

Value Realization

Minimize disruption, Manage Incidents Efficiently and Confidently, Integrate Business Processes

Focus on core Business Continuity Management processes and leave the rest to our solution

Netwoven’s solution helps organizations adopt business continuity management program with a resilient structure and speed to support & institutionalize business continuity processes while staying nimble/flexible. The value lies in

  • Industry Standard Framework
  • Modular, Flexible and Scalable architecture
  • Business Process Improvement
  • Effective compliance with regulations
  • Improved Resilience

The solution offers a comprehensive framework for business continuity practices maximizing the base investment in Microsoft 365 and enabling organizations to adapt swiftly to secure long-term success in an ever-changing business landscape.


We provide a solution that walks with your team and processes seamlessly to manage the entire BCM activities and administer it easily

  Governance Assessment Prevention Exercise and Testing Recovery Monitoring & Analytics
Business Process Enhancement
  • A portal for all stake holders

  • In-built audit trail for all activities

  • Easy integration with BIA, BCP and remediation plans
  • Intuitive interface and process for management of BIA and BCP

  • Handling of creation, submission, review, approval and publication through internal workflows

  • Reminders and alerts for pending WIP documents

  • Engage, Schedule (Outlook integration),alert and monitor responses for relevant stake holders

  • Conduct exercises physically or virtually

  • Recording of MoM and assigning action items seamlessly

  • Creation and management of incidents against specific business processes
  • Defining Roles & Responsibilities for all stake holders

  • Central Repository of all BCM records and supporting artefacts in custom and hybrid data structure

  • MS Teams app with predefined collaboration templates

  • Seamless communication

  • Identify and define threats and scenarios

  • Identify Business Impacts and Critical Processes to define BIA and BCP

  • Assess BIA with calculated MA-TTR

  • Easy reassignment and delegation of tasks
  • Integration with MS Outlook 365 and Teams
  • Integration with Emergency Messaging System

  • Integration with Secure Offline Access Systems

  • Power BI based dashboard for user activity and usage

  • Easy publication of BIA, BCP, Closure reports in PDF

Actionable Insights


  • Create alerts for all pending items
  • Create alerts for all pending items
  • Record/track/Trigger action items from within TTx reports
  • Prepare incident closure report and manage action items
  • Actionable links in-built in the reports

  • Detailed audit trail reports


Rapid Deployment Even with Customization
Rapid Deployment Even with Customization

  • The industry standard framework adopts organization’s business processes easily
  • Design flexibility allows for quick and easy customization to suit specific business and operational requirements

Automated Workflows
Automated Workflows

  • Automation of comprehensive Review & Approval Processes through workflows
  • Intuitive user interface encapsulating the technicalities of the underlying workflows

Seamless Co-ordination & Monitoring of Incidents
Seamless Co-ordination & Monitoring of Incidents

  • Integration with alerting systems and advanced notification & response management system
  • Real time response and recovery management capability from an incident

Data Analytics and Reporting
Data Analytics and Reporting

  • Advanced data analytics and reporting features with Power BI
  • Metrics to measure impact of disruptions, response time and areas of improvement

By the Numbers

Our experience with customers demonstrates high adoption, efficient operation and quality output

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