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Ultimate Guide: Build the Ultimate Intranet with Microsoft 365

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Netwoven has extensive experience working closely with Microsoft and its customers to deploy highly successful modern intranets and digital employee experiences built on the M365 platform. We would like to share our perspective on the essential elements of planning and implementing your Ultimate Intranet to enable your success!

Our guide includes expert advice on the following essentials:

EssentialsWhat’s Included
Personas and journeysUnderstand your diverse team and deliver valuable & unique user journeys & and experiences to them
Information architecture & searchIntelligently plan and deploy your IA & and search to make finding information & and expertise fast & and easy
Connect & engage your workforceLeverage the free elements of Microsoft Viva to supercharge your employee experience & and engagement
Branding & styleApply the right level of branding to build a uniquely resonating experience without a management nightmare
Adoption & and change managementEmploy a multi-faceted ACM plan to ensure your team adopts, engages, and derives value from your intranet
GovernanceDeploy right-sized governance to enable self-service and consistency without headaches and impediments to productivity
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