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FileShare Migration for Enterprise

FileShare Migration for Enterprise

Solution Description

From File Share to Microsoft 365: A Seamless Migration Experience with Netwoven

FileShare Migration for Enterprise

File migration is important and critical for businesses to expand and advance their operations. It can seem daunting and complex, with factors such as changes in the user experience when working from a browser instead of a local file share, reorganization of the information architecture, and overcoming potential limitations with file/folder structure, URL length, and permissions all playing a crucial part in the successful migration of files. With over 20 years of experience in cloud migrations and a deep understanding of Microsoft 365's capabilities, Netwoven stands out as a renowned provider of digital transformation solutions.

Netwoven's file share to Microsoft 365 migration services, organizations can take advantage of Netwoven’s best-in-class migration & transition strategy along with Microsoft's robust collaboration tools, advanced security features, and scalability to enhance productivity and streamline business operations, all without interruption to business continuity.

Key Benefits

  • Zero DowntimeWith our expertise and years of experience, Netwoven can migrate your FileShare data seamlessly and swiftly, ensuring zero data loss and minimal downtime. Trust us to handle your migration with precision and efficiency.
  • Business ContinuityBusiness continuity is crucial. Netwoven’ s customized migration mapping solution, UAT and issue tracking solution, link rewriting / lookup utilities, and reusable communication and training assets can help ensure a smooth and seamless transition to Microsoft 365 with minimal disruption to your organization's operations.
  • Enhanced Analysis & ReportsWith our interactive reports and content analysis, you'll be equipped with the metrics and guidance needed to determine which valuable content is worth migrating and to which area in Microsoft 365 it should be migrated, saving you time, effort, and money.
  • Tailored Migration StrategyAfter the analysis is complete, we will work with you to put together a customized migration schedule and plan that ensures your daily business operations are minimally impacted.
  • Automated & Intuitive TestingOur content migration tooling includes automated QA testing, and a user centric UAT issue tracking tool to ensure that everything that should be moved, gets moved, as expected, quickly and cost-effectively.
  • Hypercare SupportWe provide ongoing support and maintenance to ensure that your Microsoft 365 environment is running smoothly and efficiently.
  • Global Delivery ModelOur team is always on the move, with dedicated employees across the globe who work around the clock to ensure our migrations are both efficient and cost-effective.
  • ExpertsWe are an accredited Microsoft Partner with over 20 years of experience. We have successfully moved many 100’s of terabytes of data to the Microsoft cloud. Using Netwoven’s team of migration experts can speed up your transition, save you time and money & ensure a quality end-product!

Our Approach

Higher impact. Clear results.

Proof of concept
Workshops & decision making
Migration readying
Pilot, bulk & delta migrations
Transition / Adoption & change management
Go-Live & hypercare support
  • Create comprehensive inventory & pre-migration analysis reports to guide future decision making.
  • Understand requirements & constraints, unearth valuable information & insights about your environment & equip the project team to make informed decisions.
  • Perform gap analysis between source and target systems. Identify issues with the potential to impede progress so they can be addressed.
NetwovenProof of conceptThere are many ways to migrate from file shares to Microsoft 365… See examples of the different migration options with potential end-state solutions, in your Microsoft 365 environment, with your data. This preparation will save you time and prevent problems during the migration process.NetwovenWorkshops & decision makingConduct interactive and engaging sessions to educate, demonstrate, ideate, collaborate and make decisions, with your team, that will result in an optimal collaboration design, migration strategy, information architecture & governance plan for your organizationNetwovenMigration readyingFinalize & deploy the components necessary to enact a migration strategy, based on our proven framework, that accounts for your specific needs and those of your users. This includes gathering migration mapping, readying your UAT platform, preparing your transitional communications & training, readying validation scripts, readying migration scripts & deploying your target information architecture & governance.NetwovenPilot, bulk & delta migrationsStart small with a pilot migration to gather feedback and get it right before sprinting into a bulk migration to move all of your content and then leveraging a delta migration to minimize interruption to business continuity with a short cutover.NetwovenTransition / Adoption & change managementEffectively execute multi-channel communications, training plans, measurements, helpdesk readiness, knowledge transfer and other elements of an effective transition & ACM plan.NetwovenGo-Live & hypercare supportTransition your team to using the new system and provide the necessary expert support to ensure that transition is well received before your team receives a final knowledge transfer to complete the transition.

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