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Assessment: Data Security

Work with Netwoven to assess the security of your data to enable AI in your organization

Data security assessment for AI

Netwoven offers a specialized service to evaluate data security, crucial for organizations seeking to leverage AI technologies like Microsoft Copilots. Recognizing concerns around potential data breaches, Netwoven conducts thorough assessments covering various aspects such as security and sharing settings, access control, regulatory compliance, user access, and governance. Utilizing a combination of proprietary, Microsoft, and third-party tools, they deliver a comprehensive audit report with actionable recommendations to enhance data security, facilitating safe AI implementation and utilization.

Brands we work with

  • AMD
  • Ruiz Foods
  • Energy Vault
  • Keysight Technologies
  • Analog Devices
  • Marvell

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Data Governance

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Planning of Microsoft Copilot

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Webinar  •  December 14, 2023

Insider Risk Management

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playData Security
Webinar  •  November 15, 2023

Data Security

Discover, Protect, and Manage your sensitive data using Microsoft PurviewWatch On-Demand

Read the viewpoint on Data Security and Governance from Netwoven experts

Ebook: Purview + Fabric – Building Data Governance Excellence with Security

Ebook: Purview + Fabric – Building Data Governance Excellence with Security

Discover AI's potential in Microsoft 365 with this eBook from Netwoven, a leading Microsoft consulting firm. Learn about responsible implementation, Generative AI, Copilot selection, AI Roadmaps, Custom Copilot solutions, and Security/Privacy. Explore sample implementations for practical insights into AI's workplace applications.

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