Why should I upgrade to SharePoint 2016 ?

Why should I upgrade to SharePoint 2016 ?

By Ravi Chandra  •  February 16, 2016  •  23528 Views

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Personally, I don’t agree with this and there are lots of reason why you should upgrade to SharePoint 2016.


Software industry is changing rapidly and everything is moving towards cloud. Cloud is here to stay and for a longer time.

Microsoft wants their on-premises customers to have presence in the cloud. Even though SharePoint 2013 had some capabilities to connect to cloud, I think SharePoint 2016 it is much better. On-premises customers have better path to connect to Cloud and take advantages of it.


SharePoint 2016 is lot more stable and lot faster. SharePoint 2016 completely is built on cloud and delivered to on-premises customers. The same product was used by millions of online customers. It is considered as one of the most tested and stable product compared to previous versions of SharePoint. As per Microsoft, SharePoint 2016 will be considered as base code for any future versions of SharePoint.


If you are in Moss 2007 or SP2010, you are not supported any more. Move to SP2016 as soon as possible. SharePoint 2010 is already is in extended Support, a near-death mode that will continue until 2020.


SharePoint 2016 supports hybrid scenarios where you can connect to Office 365 and use some of the exciting features of Office 365 like Delve, OneDrive for Business, Search, and User Profile etc.

Data loss Prevention (DLP):

DLP capabilities protects your data where it is stored, when it is moved, and when it is shared. With this feature, you can monitor if any documents that contains sensitive information like, credit card number, SSN number etc and take appropriate action.

DLP feature comes with no extra cost. That means, you don’t have to rely on 3rd part tools any more. This saves your time and money.

Durable Links:

Durable Links can be big reason to upgrade to SP2016. In file share or earlier versions of SharePoint, if you have the move the file or rename the file, the link is broken. In SharePoint 2016, you can move the document anywhere or rename, your links will not be broken any more. This works for all office documents including PDF. This is feature is very help full, if you have book marked the link or shared the URL with external users.

Performance and Patching:

With the introduction of MinRole, Microsoft made sure that, SharePoint servers will run at its optimal performance. This not only makes performance better, patching also becomes easy. Since, in MinRole all the services are hard coded, testing the patch becomes easy. In earlier versions, users had SharePoint farm setup in hundreds of combination and it was impossible for Microsoft test the patch for each combination.

Upload and DB size:

Earlier version it was 2 GB. In SP 2016, it is increased to 10 GB and the upload is done using background intelligence service (BITS) protocol rather than HTTP protocol. Also, now content DB supports Terra bytes of data.

Fast Site Collection creation:

Creating site collections is much faster. While provisioning a new site collection, it makes a new copy the base template at the database level. That means no feature activation, no code execution.

Hope this helps someone out there.

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