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What to Expect from Windows 365 Cloud PCs’ Virtual Desktop Solutions

By Tamara Mallory  •  January 12, 2023  •  661 Views


Now that remote work has become the new norm, it is the right time for your organization to invest in virtual desktops for your workers. Microsoft’s virtual desktop service, Windows 365 Cloud PC, is a virtual desktop packaged solution that makes this an easy decision. Microsoft does the virtual machine configuration. Just choose a package and pay a flat monthly fee. Workers can be up and running on a virtual desktop in less than 15 minutes. You can cancel your Cloud PC subscription at any time.  

Cloud PCs come in two versions:  

  • Cloud PC Business
  • Cloud PC Enterprise

Cloud PC Business is generally for smaller organizations. You can spin up a machine in Cloud PC Business with no internal work and little waiting.

With Cloud PC Enterprise, you manage your own network and pay for that network usage based on consumption. It is a step above Cloud PC Business and is targeted for those organizations already using Microsoft Endpoint Manager to manage their devices. 

Windows 365 Cloud PC’s benefits are numerous, including:  

Getting up and running quickly  

Getting your workers up and running quickly can be a big cost savings. If you choose PC Business, you can be up and running with your Cloud PC in minutes. Cloud PC Enterprise is a slightly longer process, but still a fraction of the time it takes to implement your own virtual desktop environment.  

Utilizing cost savings

When you purchase a Cloud PC, you are buying a license. (For more licensing options, go to the licensing options page. This allows for better cost control and helps avoid making investments in equipment you may not use. 

Extending the life of your computers

Because virtual desktops are cloud-based, your current laptops and desktops are viable for longer. Aging computers can still work perfectly as stations to log in to virtual machines.  

Providing scalability and flexibility

Cloud PC licenses are easily and quickly scalable to match your needs. Workers are not tied to one machine. They can work from the office, home, or anywhere with an internet connection. 

Increasing security  

Cloud PCs require authentication to log in. So, if someone outside your company uses the computer, they have no access to your business network.

Reducing infrastructure footprint  

Purchase of less hardware and less often reduces the need for electric power and physical space. 

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