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6 Benefits to Add Customer Information in Helpdesk Incoming Email 

By Soma Choudhuri  •  August 24, 2023  •  475 Views

6 Benefits to Add Customer Information in Helpdesk Incoming Email


In the realm of customer service and support, the process of adding customer information to incoming emails within a helpdesk system goes beyond mere convenience – it’s a strategic move that can profoundly impact your organization’s efficiency, customer satisfaction, and overall operational effectiveness. Netwoven’s Customer email management solution “Maildesk” offers an excellent feature of appending Customer names and codes in the subject line of incoming mail. As a result, Helpdesk agents can understand and identify the mail quickly and according to that they can prioritize the mail or assign the mail to an appropriate agent without opening the mail. 

In this blog post, we will explore the advantages of this approach and how Maildesk helps to implement it effectively.  

6 Benefits to Add Customer Information in Helpdesk Incoming Email

1. Personalized and faster response 

Maildesk identifies the Customer from the incoming mail’s email address and gets the detailed information of the customer and then it appends the name and code in the subject line of the email. This helps the helpdesk agents quickly identify the customer associated with each email and simplifies the process of locating customer information and previous interactions, enabling agents to provide personalized and context-rich responses. 

2. Efficient Prioritization:

Agents can quickly prioritize incoming emails based on customer names and codes, ensuring that high-priority customers receive timely attention. 

3. Efficient Sorting and Categorization

Stamped customer names and codes allow for seamless sorting and categorization of incoming emails. Helpdesk agents can create mail processing rules based on the stamped information to automatically route emails to the appropriate folders or assign them to specific team members. This streamlines the workflow and ensures that customer inquiries are promptly directed to the right personnel. 

4. Enhanced Tracking and Reporting  

The ability to stamp customer names and codes enables accurate tracking and reporting of customer interactions. Helpdesk managers can easily generate metrics and reports based on stamped information, gaining insights into response times, issue resolution rates, and customer satisfaction levels. This facilitates data-driven decision-making and helps identify areas for improvement. 

4. Improved Collaboration and Handoff

When multiple agents collaborate on resolving customer issues, stamped customer names and codes provide clarity and facilitate smoother handoffs. Agents can easily identify which emails are assigned to specific customers, ensuring continuity in customer support and minimizing the risk of duplicate efforts or overlooked inquiries. 

6. Reduced Search Time 

Agents spend less time searching for customer details, leading to increased productivity and improved response times. 


Stamping incoming mail with customer names and codes is a valuable technique for optimizing email management in a shared mailbox. By enabling easy customer identification, efficient sorting, enhanced tracking, and seamless collaboration, this feature significantly improves the overall efficiency and effectiveness of customer support operations. Use Maildesk in your helpdesk mailboxes and witness the benefits of streamlined organization, personalized responses, and actionable insights for continuous improvement. 


By Soma Choudhuri

Soma Choudhuri is the Sr. Technical Architect at Netwoven Inc. focused on Enterprise Content Management (ECM). In her 19 years of career, her primary area of expertise has been developing and implementing SharePoint collaboration portals and .NET web applications. Soma has been a leading Microsoft technologies expert for clients across USA and India. Prior to joining Netwoven, she held many organizational leadership roles across manufacturing and financial services industries.

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