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Office 365: An IT Dream or a Business Nightmare

By Matthew Maher  •  December 30, 2016  •  3313 Views

Office 365: An IT Dream or a Business Nightmare

Popularity, it is said, can be fleeting.

Just ask the creators of the Cabbage Patch Kid, Beanie Babies and the Macarena, who now sit on the sidelines while people celebrate their new faves by Pokemoning and Twerking through today’s landscape.

Of course, soon there will be a new craze, interest or smash hit to enjoy.

To truly build something with staying power — think color television and Kleenex – takes a combination of forward vision, broad adoption and a sense that the product is the only thing that can make lives better.

Behold, then, the phenomenon known as Microsoft Office 365. Once derided as Microsoft’s last-ditch attempt to stay relevant in the mobile/cloud era, a funny thing has happened. In just two years, Office 365 has at once become the portal for the future of Microsoft and an indispensible tool for enterprises looking to connect disparate resources through technology.

Today, one in five corporate employees use an Office 365 cloud service – making it the most widely used enterprise cloud service, when counting number of users. Folded into the offering, which includes such traditional favorites as Word, Excel and PowerPoint, are next-gen tools like Exchange Online, Sharepoint and Skype.

Though many agree that it has crossed the hurdle into ubiquity, plenty of non-adopters still view O365 (as it is affectionately referred to) with skepticism. They worry that it’s too turnkey, so it lacks the ability to be customized for an enterprise’s specific needs; it requires constant logging in, which decreases productivity; and that the licensing scheme makes it difficult to share with non-subscribers.

Here at Netwoven – where we help migrate enterprises to Office 365 on a daily basis, and where our engineers maintain currency on all of the latest updates to the product – we can humbly dispel these misconceptions.

Not only does Office 365 offer endless abilities to configure and collaborate, but it serves as a near-ideal bridge for enterprises who wish to maintain a hybrid (on-prem/cloud) infrastructure, or are not quite ready to fully commit to Microsoft Azure.

Benefits of Office 365 for your organization include:

  • Always On (99.999) and Always Accessible – no more downtime as a result of hardware-based failures;
  • Evergreen – you will always automatically have the latest version of the product, at the moment Microsoft releases innovations to the public;
  • Scale with ease – no installs, downloads or delays in getting new users connected to the Office 365 suite;
  • Pay for what you use – licensing is easy and hassle-free;
  • Mobile ready – simply fire up the Android or iOS versions of Office 365 and pick up, seamlessly, where you left off on your desktop or laptop;
  • Built in health reports – you know, at a glance, if your instance is in need of attention;
  • Compliance and Security center – benefit from an uber-secure cloud environment;
  • Familiar interface for users – Office 365 products are based on an evolution of software that’s been in use for decades;
  • Collaborate with external users with minimal effort

So, ready to learn more about how to leverage Microsoft’s runaway cloud success to your advantage? Click here to here what the tech experts at Netwoven have to say about Office 365; or click here to learn more about how a consulting partner like Netwoven can make the migration to Office 365 as seamless as possible.

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By Matthew Maher

Matt Maher is a technical director with Netwoven who has been working with Fortune 500 companies implementing large scale enterprise systems for the last 15 years. Matt is an early member of the Netwoven team and has helped grow Netwoven from it’s infancy to the current stages. Matt is passionate about blending productivity and security to enable modern workplaces. His leadership and expertise have helped companies build secure, highly effective solutions and applications. Matt holds a BS in Computer and Informational Sciences from the University of Massachusetts.

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