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How Search Based Applications solve ‘Big Data’ problems

By Niraj Tenany  |  Published on July 30, 2012

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Key facts:

IDC estimates that in 2010 alone we generated enough digital information worldwide to fill a stack of DVDs reaching from the earth to the moon and back. That’s about 1.2 zettabytes, or more than one trillion gigabytes – a 50% increase over 2009. IDC further estimates that from 2011 on, the amount of data produced globally will double every 2 years.

  • Every 2 days we generate more data than we did from the dawn of time through 2003
  • Worldwide volume of data is growing at 59% per year
  • Between 75% and 85% of data is unstructured
  • In 5 years the majority of analytic data will come from unstructured sources

The industry calls this the “Big Data” problem. It is typically a data collection that has grown so big that it has become difficult to handle it using conventional Relational Data Management system or search systems.

This includes data that was too voluminous, complex or fast-moving to be of much use before, such as meter or sensor readings, event logs, Web pages, social network content, email messages and multimedia files. As a result of this evolution, the Big Data universe is beginning to yield insights that are changing the way we work.

As a result, the world of business intelligence is changing. The user community is demanding new forms of business intelligence applications. Most of these new forms of BI require technologies that have been around for some time, but have been alien for most business intelligence environments until now: search technology.

Although search technology and business intelligence technology have both been around for.

A long time, they have lived separate lives. The business intelligence community hasn’t really adopted search technology nor has search technology seriously entered the business intelligence market.

In this article we introduce search based BI applications and its business benefits.

What is Search Based Application (SBA)?

Imagine an application with which users can look up customer or product information. In a more traditional application the user sees a number of input fields for entering data, such as name and address. The application then tries to find the right customers or products. In most cases, nothing will be found if the entered values are not correct.

Search Based Business Intelligence Applications

Search based application is a new category of application that enables users to find information from any source and in any format With a search-based application, the user can enter anything he knows about the customer or product, and the search engine will try to find those customers or products that resemble the keywords entered by the user. It’s a more free format search.

Search based applications integrate data from various sources and provide a single unified view.

Why Search Based Applications?
  • Amazingly fast
  • Highly scalable
  • Low cost
  • Deeper insight
What are business benefits of Search Based BI Application?
  • Easy to use interface that end users understand
  • Enables the integration and search of any data source
  • Search Across Multiple Sources
  • Easily integrates structured and unstructured data sources
  • Indexes the sources in Real Time
  • Provided Assisted Navigation To Filter the Search Results there by reducing the time it takes to find information
  • Ability to display results in highly visual and interactive form

By Niraj Tenany

Niraj is Chief Executive Officer and a Co-founder of Netwoven, responsible for the strategic vision and direction. Niraj has been working with Fortune 500 companies to implement large-scale enterprise systems for the past 25 years. Prior to founding Netwoven, Niraj led a profitable Enterprise Applications Consulting Practice at Microsoft. His team implemented large scale deployments of enterprise applications like Siebel, Ariba, and SAP with Fortune 500 customers. Niraj’s team also led the design and implementation of OLAP solutions based on the Microsoft platform. Prior to joining Microsoft, Niraj led a profitable Business Intelligence Consulting practice with Oracle Consulting Services. Niraj has also worked with startup organizations in senior management positions. Niraj was the Director of Consulting Services at Zaplet, a Kleiner Perkins funded company. Niraj holds a BS in Computer Science from Birla Institute of Technology, India, an MS in Computer Science from State University of New York (SUNY), and an MBA from Duke University’s Fuqua School of Business in North Carolina.

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