Netwoven’s Govern 365 Gets Recommended by Microsoft at Inspire 2022

Netwoven’s Govern 365 Gets Recommended by Microsoft at Inspire 2022

By Sridhar Chalapathy  |  Published on August 19, 2022

Netwoven’s Govern 365 Gets Recommended by Microsoft at Inspire 2022

The Microsoft Inspire 2022 event, conducted on July 19 and 20, with much fanfare, offered many learnings and key takeaways for all those who participated. One of the breaking sessions during Inspire was ‘How to Boost Your Business on Mid-Market SMB with the Accelerate Cloud Solution Provider (CSP) Program’ which elicited a lot of interest and grabbed the audience’s attention till the end. The session elaborated on all of the amazing opportunities available out there today and how Microsoft solutions help mid-market SMB customers take advantage of the immense potential of the cloud. The session covered how delivering innovative solutions helps Microsoft partners differentiate their business and expand their growth.  

Netwoven has earned many accolades and recommendations over the years. We were pleasantly surprised when the Microsoft speaker highlighted how successful Microsoft partners are with CSP. Netwoven was recognized for developing Govern 365, a Microsoft 365 governance automation solution, which allows organizations to achieve the right balance of administrative control and user empowerment in Microsoft 365.  See the details here.

Our vast experience and technical expertise in leveraging Microsoft technologies to build innovative business solutions have helped us successfully build Govern 365, our SAAS product designed specifically for Microsoft 365 suite. Govern 365 is an extensible digital adoption, protection, and compliance platform for Microsoft 365 and helps customers institute fine-grained protection, and compliance policies with minimal administrative burden through automation, pre-configured forms, tagging, and templates. 

Govern 365 helps you overcome the three major problems that plague all organizations: 

  • Protecting intellectual property & sensitive information 
  • Complying with privacy and regulatory standards 
  • Enabling employee productivity, satisfaction& retention 

Govern 365 creates the shortest path to value for protecting your valuable content by offering complete information protection with zero impact on users and automated lifecycle management. 

What’s more, using Govern 365, you can create virtual data rooms in your own Microsoft 365 tenant. This provides numerous incredible benefits to your organization such as Microsoft 365’s powerful digital rights management (DRM) technology applied to your content, a seamless collaborative experience maximizing the features of Microsoft 365, intellectual property, or other types of use cases where protection is essential, and much more! 

To learn more about Govern 365’s best-in-breed data protection critical for the security of your sensitive information, we can help. Click here for a live demo or to speak with our expert

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