The awesome business benefits of Managed services for Microsoft 365

Managed Services for Microsoft 365-The Awesome Benefits They Bring to Your Business!

By Sridhar Chalapathy  |  Published on November 2, 2022

Managed Services for Microsoft 365-The Awesome Benefits They Bring to Your Business!


Keeping track of the powerful but countless Microsoft 365 features and updates and implementing them all can be not just daunting but also a time-consuming job for any IT team. But help is not too far away! Just by getting a Microsoft 365 managed services provider to help you with the necessary tools and expertise, you can reduce a major chunk of your team’s workload while extracting the most from the robust platform. 

Managed services for Microsoft 365- unlocking its efficiencies 

Managed services providers perform end-to-end management of Microsoft 365 – right from email hosting to its innumerable number of in-built features and perform the tedious maintenance routines and updates such as managing mailboxes, resetting passwords, or answering end-user support requests, letting you focus on your core business tasks. 

Some of the major benefits of Microsoft 365 Managed services are- 
Risk alleviation-

Managed services for Microsoft 365 offer you protection against data loss, theft of information, and potential cyber threats. They provide advanced built-in cybersecurity features that secure the data integrity and discretion of not only your digital resources but also of your customers and other external stakeholders. 

Speedy resolution of issues-

By virtue of being Microsoft partners, managed service providers can act as a bridge between your organization and Microsoft, ensuring that technical issues are resolved quickly. Also, the monitoring tools help you foresee contingencies, resulting in significant costs and time savings. 

Choosing the right license-

There is a wide array of licensing options you can consider under Microsoft 365. An experienced and reliable managed service provider can help you decide on the license type that is appropriate for your business. The managed services provider can also guide your decision-making in deciding which licenses are most suited for your business, according to the changing needs, goals, and growth of your organization. 

Enhance productivity-

In any business environment, buying the technology is only the first step towards transformation. These subsequent steps are equally important too- imparting proper training to the employees, integrating the tool into your organization’s internal processes, and consistently monitoring the tool’s impact on productivity. 

The reality in most cases is that the internal IT teams in organizations do not have adequate training in this area, or they are placed in a position where they must prioritize other tasks over the maintenance of their cloud solutions. On the other hand, managed service providers bring value to your business by maintaining and periodically analyzing the state of the Microsoft 365 platforms, looking for prospects of improvement, and helping your business fully leverage this tool and thereby boost its ROI. 

Cost savings-

Overloading your IT department with tasks can be detrimental. And contracting specialized IT staff to keep you updated about the latest advancements and changes in the cloud that Microsoft keeps introducing can be prohibitively expensive. The easiest way to handle these hassles is to let a managed service provider solve all the technical facets of the implementation, configuration, and maintenance of the platform, starting with the allotment of licenses to the creation of users, data synchronization, and collaborative tools. This can result in significant cost reduction in infrastructure, resource utilization, license purchases (by avoiding irrelevant license fees), and hiring of staff. 

Accelerate data migration-

Digital transformation of a business is a challenging task, be it migrating to the cloud, or introducing a new platform to the company. Microsoft 365 Managed service providers understand this all too well which is why they use the best-in-class processes and methodologies to migrate data and digital resources in an organized and secure manner. 

Industry-grade security-

Post-migration, it is an absolute must that you implement all the Microsoft cybersecurity features. This activity requires the capabilities and expertise of a trusted managed service provider who will monitor and configure the tool once migration to the cloud is completed. 

Offer supervision and assistance-

Managed service providers are also accountable for monitoring for threats, assessing security updates, and offering round-the-clock support, in case of an event. This way managed services also let you save time and resources through outsourcing maintenance, diagnostic tasks, and security. 


Managed services for Microsoft 365 provide organizations the ability to take complete advantage of the platform’s powerful features and integrate them to meet their business goals. 

Are you ready to enjoy all the benefits managed services for Microsoft 365 offer and take your business to the next level? Please reach out to us now! 

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