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Five Ways to Improve Customer Service by Deploying Intelligent ChatBOTs

By Sujay Ghatak  |  Published on May 4, 2017

Five Ways to Improve Customer Service by Deploying Intelligent ChatBOTs

Tick tock. Your business is on the clock.

Technology has transformed the world into a place where expectations are filled instantly. The bane of the consumer’s existence – cheesy hold music, a closed sign, or an endless wait for an email response – is no longer a hurdle without conquest.

There’s always another vendor, website or enterprise, open right now, ready to take my money.

In this demanding landscape, omni-channel, and always-available, customer service grows infinitely more mission-critical with each passing day. Whether a customer is engaged with a service agent through email, voice or chat, providing the same context, and up-to-date information to the user and the service agent, is essential if the customer journey is to be flawless and fluid.

To the rescue comes the ChatBOT – the artificial conversation agents that are rapidly becoming a ubiquitous and integral part of the overall digital experience.

They are as vital to the overall interaction with a service or application as would be a website or mobile experience.

Too, these BOTs can be the indispensible ally to your customer service team – if you consider these five key ways that they can lend a boost like no other tool available:

1. Ticket Tracking: Through a conversation with your customer, they can track an existing ticket, or create a new one. Simply submit a question through the preferred channel of communication – for example: “What is the status of my ticket CASE-AGI21312?” and the BOT will spearhead the creation of a case and process around this inquiry.

2. Knowledge Base: BOTs can look for existing knowledge base articles based upon the issue the customer is facing. The consumer can simply state the issue, in plain language, using their preferred channel of communication, and the BOT can respond in kind, searching and delivering KB information on demand.

3. Order Tracking: Your customer wants to know where their product is in the pipeline – the BOT knows. The consumer simply asks his or her inquiry by using the order number – or sometimes, even just stating the type of product they ordered – and the BOT does the searching, responding in reassuring subject-verb agreement.

4. Connectivity: BOTs are the great equalizer – they can connect across your platforms with a veritable “flip of the switch.” Your users talk in many places – your BOT should, too.

5. A World of BOTs: Do you have an app? A website? Of course you do! Bring the conversation to each of these platforms with Direct Line; embed the customizable Web Chat control, or roll with your own. BOTs are infinitely flexible, configurable and adaptable to your unique situation.

If you have a Customer Service Solution and want to add intelligent BOTs to it – or, even if you don’t have a Customer Service Solution, Netwoven can help to get your customer service team to the next level. Dynamics 365 for Customer Service can provide a great platform to deploy a customer service solution with built in features for Omni Channel, Self Service, Enhanced SLA, Service Scheduling, Entitlements, Case Management, Web Portal, and more. Microsoft BOT Framework enables rapid intelligent bot development using Azure Platform.

Ready to start the conversation? Give us a call and we’ll “chat.”

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