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SharePoint 2013 My Tasks Synch Issues

By Soma Choudhuri  |  Published on July 27, 2013

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You have deployed SharePoint 2013 and the MySite functionality has been deployed. When you visit your mysite and switch to the My Tasks screen you will see the below error message.

“Sorry, we’re having trouble refreshing your tasks. Contact your administrator if you continue to have problems”

SharePoint 2013 My Tasks Synch Issues
SharePoint 2013 My Tasks Synch Issues


You will need to enable the Work Management Service App.


From your SharePoint Central Administration, under the Applications and Manage Service Applications, create a new Service Application for Work Management Service Application.

SharePoint 2013 My Tasks Synch Issues

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By Soma Choudhuri

Soma Choudhuri is the Sr. Technical Architect at Netwoven Inc. focused on Enterprise Content Management (ECM). In her 19 years of career, her primary area of expertise has been developing and implementing SharePoint collaboration portals and .NET web applications. Soma has been a leading Microsoft technologies expert for clients across USA and India. Prior to joining Netwoven, she held many organizational leadership roles across manufacturing and financial services industries.

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