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Build Customer Confidence, Drive Efficiency, and Growth using Netwoven’s AI Powered MailDesk Solution

Build Customer Confidence, Drive Efficiency, and Growth using Netwoven’s AI Powered MailDesk Solution

MailDesk Solution

Establish a new high benchmark for customer support using Netwoven’s MailDesk solution, the only AI powered email management system. Be confident to provide ultraquick and most accurate information enabling your support team to do more with less.

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Reduce Operational Cost, Improve Quality of Service and Gain Customer Loyalty

High Helpdesk Operation Cost $8.01 Survey reports says, Customer support channels like phone, live chat and email cost an average of $8.01 per contact
Response Inadequacy 40% Cases are mishandled due to pressure to comply with SLA response time forcing helpdesk agents to inadvertently provide incomplete or wrong information
High Fidelity Operation 61% Customers prefer emails as their support channel increasing the demand on agent’s efficiency, consistency and accuracy

Value Realization

Automate, Organize, and Elevate Customer Communications

MailDesk Solution

As per reports, Email will continue to be the most effective business communication channel. There will be an estimated 4.5 billion email users by 2025. However, in the context of Support desks, the communication management through emails are tedious, time-consuming, and effort-intensive which results in delayed response times and creates friction with customers. Netwoven’s MailDesk solution is a complete, robust & flexible Email management platform that helps organizations run their customer support function emails efficiently.

  • Highly Scalable and able to handle multiple thousands of emails per day for organizations that depends heavily on emails for customer support and communications.
  • Metadata Enrichment of emails to facilitate business appropriate classification for efficient handling of emails by Support Desk agents.
  • Intelligent Rules Engine enables processing of emails through hundreds of business rules for appropriate action
  • Intuitive Agent Workbench for consolidated view of emails from multiple mailboxes for improved processing efficiency
  • AI Powered Email Co-pilot for swift content compilation for response.
  • Auto Assignment of Emails to connect agent including subject matter experts
  • Powerful Mail Merge Capability for sending personalized bulk responses
  • Collision Detection and automatic locking of emails for simultaneous handling attempts by agents


Enhance Business Process, Improve Productivity and Drive ROI


Mail Enrichment

Agent Enablement

 Response Acceleration

Reporting and Analytics

Productivity Boosters

  • Multiple mailboxes in a single application
  • Auto archiving of passive incoming mail
  • Auto assignment to on-field or off-field sales agents
  • Auto assign to sales agent or workbench or SME agent
  • Automatic queue management for the assignments of any particular agent
  • Delegation to other agents
  • 60% saving in average response time
  • Intelligent reply to customers with auto-generated content
  • Administrator's dashboard
  • Agents dashboard

Business Process Enhancement

  • Mail processing Status metadata
  • Customer Identification metadata
  • Business classifications of Mail
  • Severity
  • Filters
  • Issue closure with seamless attachment of agent's note
  • Automatic management of mail conversation thread with easy auto-hide display
  • AI-generated ready replies available for agents
  • Rule-based targeting of emails for inter-departmental collaboration
  • Auto forwarding of mails keeping  the original sender's identity intact
  • Keyword and attributes-based advanced search

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Rapid Deployment
Rapid Deployment

Easy configuration and deployment riding on extensive expertise in M365 platform

Maximized M365 License Value
Maximized M365 License Value

Leverage existing investment by using M365 resources like SharePoint or Azure storage. For moderate scale of operations, no additional cost is incurred

Easy Transition from Legacy System
Easy Transition from Legacy System

Export and import your old mail rules or mail templates easily in the MailDesk

Robust Support
Robust Support

24x7 global support with knowledgeable, reliable, and trustworthy support team

By The Numbers

By Adopting Microsoft 365 and MailDesk Solution Customer Witnesses Several Positive Impacts

20 Sec.
in average to process incoming mail
agents could work on the application simultaneously with no snag
3 Mins.
in average to compile a response by the agent
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