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How MailDesk’s Cognitive Search boosts Productivity

By Debopoma Chaudhury  |  Published on March 14, 2024

How MailDesk’s Cognitive Search boosts Productivity


When email is your primary channel for customer engagement, quick and accurate response to customer queries is crucial for earning trust and confidence.  

Quality and time of email responses when drafted manually, primarily depends on assigned agent’s knowledge and skill. Information gathering for compiling a response could be time consuming and information accuracy is also a concern. The Cognitive Search feature of MAILDESK is designed to alleviate such bottlenecks. 

How does Cognitive Search make a difference?

One of the prime advantages of the MAILDESK is improved agents’ efficiency and productivity.

The major factor that drives efficiency is quick access to the information needed to compose emails for customers. Cognitive Search ensures blazing fast response to agents’ queries and helps them cut down content compilation time to a great extent and improve on accuracy. All emails that are received by or sent out from MAILDESK are instantly indexed by Cognitive Search. Agents can pick up a reference email very quickly whether it is just the previous email handled or an email processed a month back.  

When agents are handling millions of emails every month, it is not easy to remember exact details of email(s) to retrieve and gather relevant information for reference. This is where the dynamic faceting technology of Cognitive Search comes into play. Users can start with a very rough search and with the help of dynamic filters quickly trace down the relevant emails. All components of emails are searchable and that includes the content of all attachments. So, emails can be retrieved in search result based on any attribute or content anywhere in the email. This practically eliminates any possibility of missing out on an email when in need.

MAILDESK natively supports categorization of emails at different phases of the email lifecycle. This enriches emails with additional information above and beyond the original information they carry. The Symantec search feature of Cognitive Search elevates this enrichment to the next level where email content is extracted intelligently to produce multiple dimensions to search against. Agents, therefore, can search by derived attributes like customer urgency, priority of request etc. 

Configurable ranking models of Cognitive Search is a powerful tool to improve search quality. With correct tuning of the model, most relevant emails would come right at the top, allowing users to pick up and refer emails of relevance right way. This contrasts with regular search where ranking model is fixed and cannot be tuned as per the business need. This produces a result which is flat. Any email that has a match will show up in the result mostly in order by one of the timestamp attributes. Users need to find the right email from a list. 

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The Outcome

MAILDESK usage pattern analytics clearly established the productivity gain over regular email search. Some of the metrics captured are illustrated below.

ActivityRegular Search Cognitive Search
 Avg Time to Index (Sec) 1601
Avg Query Response Time (ms)5000500
Average time to find right email (ms) 50001000

Other than the productivity gain, information accuracy also improved When referenced emails were used to compile responses, not only did productivity increase, but information accuracy also improved due to the superior search quality offered by Cognitive Search.

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