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Microsoft 365 Managed Services: A Complete Walkthrough & Why You Need It

By Sridhar Chalapathy  |  Published on October 18, 2022

Microsoft 365 Managed Services: A Complete Walkthrough & Why You Need It


More and more modern businesses are leveraging digital technologies by integrating cloud solutions to benefit from the competitive advantages and increased productivity that come with it. However, some organizations will find it difficult to migrate their processes and databases to the cloud, to integrate Microsoft 365 tool, the most popular hybrid cloud solution available today, into their existing digital infrastructure or to adapt it to their staff and work mode.

That is where Microsoft 365 managed services come in, helping companies get the most out of this robust and efficient tool. Adopting managed services in Microsoft 365 is a great option for organizations that are looking to digitalize their processes and functions using a comprehensive cloud solution.

Cloud migration propelled by Microsoft 365

Cloud migration and the embracing cloud-first strategies have become a need, rather than an option for modern businesses. As per a Gartner report, most companies will come under cloud-first logic by 2025, and cloud investments will exceed all those not associated with cloud technology. As per the report, most CEOs believe Cloud tooling is a disruptor technology with the power to enable innovative capabilities.

With the advent of remote and hybrid work, it has become crucial to leverage integrated tools like Microsoft Teams, SharePoint, or OneDrive (all part of Microsoft 365) for efficient collaboration and uninterrupted productivity. Microsoft enables organizations that are considering starting their digital transformation journey. As for organizations that are already digitalized, managed services in Microsoft 365 can help them improve their data management, technology infrastructure, remote work mode, etc., and also protect themselves better against cyber threats and potential cybersecurity incidents.

Microsoft 365 Managed services- Who is it for?

Managed services for Microsoft 365 are perfect for organizations that lack an IT department, or the resources and time required to handle complex cloud infrastructures. A Microsoft partner with Managed services expertise and experience will be able to assist you to take complete advantage of Microsoft 365 functionalities, starting from helping you choose the license that fits your business needs to migrate resources to the cloud and Microsoft applications and also ensuring a high level of security and privacy to keep your data safe.

What do Microsoft 365 managed services consist of & why is it critical to optimize its use

Managed services for Microsoft 365 can include the following based on your organizational needs, and goals-

  • Data migration
  • Cloud services/threat monitoring
  • Technical support
  • Tools & cloud solutions configuration
  • Staff training

A wide range of options are available today for Microsoft 365 Managed services based on the service provider and license type you purchase. The best option is to choose Microsoft Gold Certified partners like Netwoven, as they enjoy the topmost standards within Microsoft’s partnership program and offer comprehensive solutions (security, data migration to Microsoft applications, guidance on data storage, etc., to name a few) that meet all your strategic business needs. Managed services for Microsoft 365 are highly flexible, allowing you to choose a particular plan that fits your technology infrastructure, IT resources, and overall business goals.

Microsoft 365 Managed services contract generally consists of an SOP and cost (usually monthly) that includes all the services you require, which could include-
  • Management & monitoring of Microsoft 365 applications
  • Application maintenance
  • Priority escalation of incidents & issues to Microsoft
  • Management & monitoring of Microsoft cloud solutions
  • Data migration to the cloud
  • Professional consulting & support
  • Helpdesk services
  • Adoption of advanced cybersecurity protocols
  • Recommendations for strategic IT optimizations
  • Customized plans

As mentioned earlier, a major advantage of IT Managed services is the freedom to choose a plan that fits your resources, needs, and goals. This means you can not only opt for the services and applications to manage but also make an analysis of the infrastructure you currently have, to optimize resources and save license costs. So, if you are migrating to Microsoft 365, it is necessary to evaluate the resources currently in use and consider those resources you plan to incorporate in the future.

A major benefit of Microsoft 365 Managed services is that they help you in identifying your organization’s technological competencies while ensuring the following:
  • Performance optimization
  • Secure implementation of the service
  • Encryption of sensitive data, both in transit and at rest
  • Discovering the license-level needs of every user
  • Checking for and plugging data leaks
  • Shifting vital IT budgets from capital expenditure to operational expenditure
  • Implementation of all Microsoft 365 projects under a single vision

In a nutshell, Microsoft 365 managed services are invaluable for extracting the maximum benefits from the powerful Microsoft 365 tool. Managed service providers, by leveraging customized plans, enable and accelerate the implementation, migration, protection, and maintenance of applications and solutions.

We look forward to being your trusted IT services partner. Please reach out to us so that we can leverage our years of Managed services experience and expertise to help your organization in its Digital transformation journey.

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