A brief introduction to Azure Managed Services and its benefits

Why Is An Azure Managed Services Provider Great for Your Business

By Sridhar Chalapathy  •  October 12, 2022  •  706 Views

Why Is An Azure Managed Services Provider Great for Your Business

An introduction to Azure Managed Services 

In today’s world of modern businesses, cloud Managed services providers have evolved from handling basic system admin tasks like monitoring and troubleshooting to delivering a wider array of services- data security, software delivery, cloud migration, etc. They support organizations in scaling and streamlining resource deployments, 24*7 monitoring, and offering access to advanced technologies, irrespective of their complexities. 

Managed IT service providers are all the more beneficial for organizations that are moving to cloud computing, where workloads are accessible and manageable remotely. A Managed Service provider for Azure supports organizations in various phases of Microsoft’s Azure cloud service implementation- migration, setup, execution, maintenance, data analysis, and more. You can download the Azure Strategy & Implementation guide here. 

What do Azure Managed Service providers do? 

The activities that Azure Managed Service providers perform frequently are- 
Constant monitoring

Azure administration requires continual attention to a wide range of dashboards and logs. If you do not have access to the right tools or automation, this can look like an uphill task. Azure Managed Service providers manage this centralization and help you ensure the seamless and sustained availability of your data and services. 

Financial supervision

Azure Managed Service providers support businesses in handling their cloud expenses by streamlining the summary of costs and estimating future expenditures. They can also identify the reasons for expense overruns and propose solutions for cost-cutting. 

Azure governance assessments

Azure Managed Service providers help you in ensuring constant compliance with the processes and rules that have been implemented. They can detect deviations and offer timely resolutions to issues, making sure your systems keep performing as intended and follow the compliance rules. 

Managing subscriptions

Managing subscriptions is crucial for running your cloud solutions smoothly. Azure subscriptions indicate the extent of access you have to the services and how those services operate. Azure Managed Service providers help you ensure that the necessary number of subscriptions is retained for your needs and send out timely reminders before those subscriptions are set to expire. 

Operational activities

Cloud infrastructures consist of a disparate set of services, environments, and applications, which need regular monitoring, updating, and patching. Azure Managed service providers help you achieve these tasks with marginal downtime and hassles.

Why do you really need a Managed services provider for Azure? 

A Managed Services provider is necessary because of the support they offer to achieve a smooth transition during the execution of Azure services. These are some of the vital reasons why you need an Azure Managed Services provider- 

  • Azure offers quite a few utilities and services that help you maintain and manage compliance in the cloud, but these solutions need Azure resources. Most organizations not only lack these resources but also can be unaware of the distinctions between on-premises and cloud compliance. Azure Managed Service providers (especially with compliance expertise) help you in defining the rules that govern your data. Moreover, such MSPs will also aid you in making sure that compliance is managed and maintained, and all the necessary audits are performed and documented. 
  • Migrating to cloud computing enhances the availability of an organization’s data and services to all its employees and consumers, allowing the company to operate in real-time, and on a global scale. But these companies also often require round-the-clock support due to their nonstop operation and managing in-house 24/7 IT assistance can turn out to be prohibitively expensive and even infeasible for most businesses. An Azure Managed Services provider will possess the necessary capabilities, skill sets, and expertise to deliver this service quickly, efficiently, and cost-effectively. 
  • After shifting to Azure, most organizations are unaware of Azure’s resources or how to leverage them effectively. This results in these organizations adopting the most basic services. An Azure Managed Services provider will help you customize your migration, making sure that the data and applications are migrated in an efficient method and maximizing the value of your Azure migration. 

We would love to be your trusted IT services partner in your organization’s Digital transformation journey. Please reach out to us so that we can help you leverage our years of Managed services experience and expertise to keep you ahead of the curve. 

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