Four Reasons to Migrate Okta to Azure Active Directory

Four Reasons to Migrate Okta to Azure Active Directory

By Steve and Argha  •  July 1, 2021  •  4327 Views

Four Reasons to Migrate Okta to Azure Active Directory

Organizations around the world have accelerated digital transformation efforts to rapidly enable a remote workforce. As more and more employees access applications using their home network, the corporate network perimeter has truly disappeared, making identity the control plane for effective and secure access across all users and digital resources.

Customer Story: How Netwoven helped Relay GSE migrate from Okta to Azure AD

Employees expect to collaborate on any project, from anywhere, using any app—especially now when many of them are working remotely; they find signing into multiple applications throughout the day frustrating and time-consuming. When you connect all your apps to Azure AD, employees sign in once, using Single Sign-on (SSO). From there, they can easily access different Microsoft and many third-party apps, both on-premise and cloud, and various custom line-of-business applications. Forrester estimates that consolidating to a single identity and access management solution and providing one set of credentials saves each employee 10 minutes a week on average, valued at USD 7.1 million over three years*

Why Azure Active Directory

Azure Active Directory (AD) is a truly global identity service that operates at hyper-scale. Migrating authentications for all your applications to Azure AD can significantly reduce hardware and licensing fees.

The advantages of securing apps with Microsoft Azure Active Directory-
Reduction in overall management effort for an IAM teamReduction in the overall likelihood of a data breachCost savings by eliminating on-prem environments and consolidating identity infra

Source: Forrester Study 2020

Benefits of consolidating identity infrastructure to Microsoft Azure AD

Many of the organizations using Okta have not realized the full value of Microsoft 365 security solutions. Customers that have Microsoft 365 E5 Security can replace up to 26 other security vendors thereby optimizing cost and operations. Here are some key factors one should consider before choosing the right identity management tool.

Single platform to set regulations for web and on-prem applications

Microsoft Azure AD protects access to resources and data using strong authentication and risk-based adaptive access policies without compromising the user experience.

  • Flexible, secure multi-factor authentication (MFA); password protection
  • Configurable Conditional Access policies based on context and risk assessment
  • User and entity behavior analytics (UEBA) in identity protection to protect against identity compromise

Manage Cost and Increase productivity

About 80% of the customer’s workload is from the Microsoft stack. The remaining 20% are mostly SaaS solutions largely used by developers and partly also Microsoft-based. Customers further have licensing for the Enterprise Mobility Suite (EMS), which includes Azure AD Premium. Making use of an all-Microsoft implementation makes architectural sense. It’s simpler, easier to support, and saves money. Therefore, if you have invested in Microsoft technologies already, adding an Okta subscription might not make business sense.

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Simplified Governance and security posture

When you move from Okta to Azure AD, you can efficiently control access to applications and data for all users and admins with automated identity governance, ensuring only authorized users have access.

In addition to preventing attacks as highlighted above, Azure AD also helps organizations improve their overall security posture. The improvements in management efficiencies and the reduction in help desk password reset requests allow organizations to focus more resources on security and take the time to investigate and mitigate security incidents that were slipping through the cracks before.

In this walk-through video, we have demonstrated how to switch from Okta to Azure AD within your ServiceNow instance.

At Netwoven, we help evaluate your business operations and IT infrastructure and provide you the assistance so that you can seamlessly and securely migrate from Okta to Azure AD, which is best suited for your cloud identity and security needs. Let us evaluate your identity estate and assess your readiness for Okta migration today.

*Source: Forrester Total Economic Impact™ Study Commissioned By Microsoft August 2020

To learn more about Netwoven’s Experience Unified and Secure Identity Management with Azure AD, read our datasheet.

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