Error Re-installing AZURE Directory Sync Tool

Moving from On-Premise to Office 365 / Windows Azure – Part 2

By Subhendu Das  |  Published on September 16, 2014

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Error Re-installing AZURE Directory Sync Tool

By using the Microsoft Azure Active Directory Sync tool, your company’s administrators can keep your on-premises Active Directory continuously synchronized with Azure AD. Directory synchronization is intended as an ongoing relationship between your on-premises environment and Azure AD. Active Directory synchronization should be considered a long-term commitment to coexistence scenarios between your on-premises Active Directory and cloud. However in case if you have directory sync tool setup in a system that for any undefined reason cease to work, you need to get the tool up and running quickly in another server – to be more precise, we need to know how we can move the dirsync to another server. Here are the steps to be followed.

Clean up dir sync tool uninstallation

The Setup Wizard has detected a previous installation of the Directory Sync tool. The previous installation is incompatible with this newer configuration of the Directory Sync tool. Please uninstall the previous version of the Directory Sync tool and run this installation wizard again.

After removing dirsync tool from Windows Add Remove Programs, the uninstallation process does not clean up all the necessary files. Hence we need to manually remove them before we can re-install the dirsync tool.

  1. Remove the local service account created by dirsync tool, with username starting with AAD_…….S2
  2. Delete the local user groups created by dirsync tool that starts with FIM……S3
  3. Remove the directory C:Program FilesWindows Azure Active Directory Sync
  4. Delete dirsync database files located at C:Program FilesMicrosoft SQL ServerMSSQL11.MSONLINEMSSQLDATAS4
  5. Restart your computer and run the dirsyn tool using alleviated administrative permission and you should be good to start now

In a nut-shell, we all must have backup plan and dirsync is a mission critical application that we all must ensure running 24×7. Hope the above steps would save our day.

By Subhendu Das

Subhendu Das is a technically competent IT Professional offering a distinguished career donning leadership roles for over 18 years primarily in IT Infrastructure Services along with a 12 years’ experience in IT Education Industry as a lead Educationalist. Subhendu has been working as a Senior Manager – IT Infrastructure with Netwoven and he is driving a team of IT Administrators and building sound IT Infrastructure for developers and remote servers in US. He is also actively involved with various client infrastructure migration, SharePoint, Exchange and Office 365 projects. Subhendu holds a Bachelor of Science from Calcutta University and also is a graduate from National Institute of Information Technology. He is a Microsoft Certified professional with certifications in MCSE, MCITP, MOS, MCTS, MCSA.

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