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The Social Intranet Showdown: Workplace by Meta vs. Microsoft Viva Engage 

By Aritra Banerjee  •  June 12, 2024  •  216 Views

The Social Intranet Showdown: Workplace by Meta vs. Microsoft Viva Engage


The social intranet landscape is evolving. With the upcoming decommissioning of Workplace by Meta in 2025, many businesses are searching for a new solution. A strong contender is Microsoft Viva Engage, integrated seamlessly within the Microsoft 365 ecosystem. 

Let’s break it down in a clear and concise table:
Feature Workplace by MetaMicrosoft Viva Engage 
Native Integration Integrates with Facebook Workplace accounts (optional) Integrates seamlessly with Microsoft 365 tools (Teams, SharePoint, Outlook) 
Collaboration Features Groups for project collaboration, document sharing, live video chat Teams integration with document co-authoring, video conferencing, task management 
Content Management Newsfeed for company announcements, employee content sharing SharePoint integration for document management, knowledge base creation 
Communication Tools Chat functionality, live Q&A sessions Chat functionality within Teams, threaded discussions in communities 
Employee Engagement Employee recognition features, social learning through groups Communities for shared interests, polls and surveys for employee feedback 
Security & Compliance Separate login and data storage from Facebook, customizable privacy settings Leverages Microsoft’s robust security infrastructure and compliance certifications 
Learning & Development 
Mobile App 
Limited features Integrates with Microsoft Learn for personalized learning paths 
Cost Available for iOS and Android 
Freemium model with paid tiers for additional features 
Available for iOS and Android 
Freemium model included with most Microsoft 365 subscriptions 
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Choosing the Right Platform

Selecting the ideal social intranet depends on your specific needs. Here’s a quick guide: 
  • For existing Microsoft 365 users: Viva Engage offers a smooth integration and leverages familiar tools. 
  • For companies prioritizing security and compliance: Viva Engage with its Microsoft backing might be the preferred choice. 
  • For those seeking a more social media-like experience: Consider Workplace by Meta if migrating before 2025 is not feasible. 
This comparison provides a starting point. Remember to consider factors like:
  • User familiarity: Will employees adapt easily to a new interface? 
  • Customization options: Can the platform be tailored to your company culture? 
  • Scalability: Can the platform handle your current and future user base? 

Evaluate both platforms carefully and involve key stakeholders in the decision-making process. The right social intranet can foster collaboration, knowledge sharing, and a more connected workforce.  

By Aritra Banerjee

Aritra is an Associate in Marketing at Netwoven, where she contributes to digital marketing and content management initiatives to shape the brand narrative and promote the company's solutions and services. Before joining Netwoven, she worked as a Business Development Executive and Digital Marketer at IEMA Research & Development Private Limited, making significant contributions to the company. Aritra holds B.Tech in Computer Science from Pailan College of Management & Technology and MBA in Marketing from the Institute of Engineering & Management. Outside of work, she enjoys coaching communication skills, crafting, creative writing, singing, and painting.

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