7 Reasons to Choose Power Apps as a Rapid Application Development

7 Reasons to Choose Power Apps as a Rapid Application Development Platform

By Sujay Ghatak  |  Published on December 23, 2020

7 Reasons to Choose Power Apps as a Rapid Application Development Platform

Technology has picked up the pace, and we do not have to look far as it is only the first two decades of the 21st century. Today, a simple mobile app can forecast the next word before keying in. It will not be too much to think if someday our thoughts appear in the text before we even formulate.

Upcoming industry leaders are already using technology to gain and maintain a competitive edge over their veteran peers. They are remodelling business processes to make them more agile, innovative, and user-oriented.

Reinventing the way of work with modern technology is not a big challenge. Smartphones offering a parallel opportunity to communicate, commute, construct, and create anything from anywhere. Rapid Application Development (RAD) has coverage across mobile and user interface, tooling to help you manage projects, lifecycle management, portfolio management, administrative tasks, etc. Low-Code No-Code (LCNC) app development tools like Microsoft Power Apps, Appian, and others are developed to do just that. The RAD tools are allowing industry leaders to keep up with the accelerating pace of modern-day business. Now you can go along with them, embracing digital transformation or be surpassed by those who do.

The “Low-Code, No-Code (LCNC)” applications did not exist until a few years ago, but the idea was not a new one. The value proposition of the LCNC rapid app development is to develop citizenship development and democratize data. Every aspect of your business can be handled from remote locations if your smart device or tablet is supported by the required mobile applications. It helps to connect customers, products, people, and operations and help them to implement one unified platform for business.

Power Apps is Microsoft’s entry into the world of LCNC rapid application development platforms. Like other offerings in this category (Appian, Quickbase apps, Salesforce Lightning, Zoho Creator, etc.), Power Apps provides non-developers / Power Users, a way to create business solution apps through an interface that gradually decreases the overall amount of actual coding required. It also supports professional developers to create apps in a quick & re-usable manner and with less complexity than traditionally done.

As compared to other platforms, Power Apps can score more easily for their all-round performance. If one gets a platform like this to automate tasks and processes for the desired application, a lot of investment in time and money can be saved.

To be able to choose an appropriate platform, to begin with, here are some points, suggested to be considered while evaluating other platforms over Power Apps:


It is not only important that your platform of choice fits your budget but what you also get for your money. If you compare the per-user pricing for Power Apps with its closest competitor Appian, you may find a huge difference in terms of cost. Cost-effectiveness is an essential consideration for any business. So, do it properly.

Development Speed

One of the biggest benefits of Power Apps is quick development. Power Apps removes many time-consuming elements from the usual development processes and replaces them with an intuitive drag and drop interface. It ensures developing a new application faster than ever. Finally, the development speed enables a broad range of app scenarios to be created that implants digital transformation into manual and outdated processes.

User Friendliness

Over time, your needs and requirements for your organization will change gradually. A rapid application platform needs to be able to accommodate that. Power Apps are built by the company’s developers or by an ambitious team member willing to do a bit of research and sort through connectors and functions. Here you should create your desired application by putting everything together in a streamlined way.

Extendibility with Standard Connectors

One of the most difficult parts about developing apps for non-developers is how to connect to data. Power Apps Connectors can help you to connect with the right things. Many standard data storage services are easy to connect to and use with PowerApps, and hence helps you to improve the extendibility of your application.

Integration with Microsoft 365

PowerApps, as a Microsoft Product offers the most dependable integration facility with Microsoft 365, Microsoft Power Automate (formerly Flow), and Microsoft Power BI. It is simple to get data in and out of SharePoint, or Excel, or any of the Microsoft 365 applications on which your business depends.

Mobile Ready

The primary intent of an app is to make a task or process handy throughout an organization. Power Apps Applications are mobile-ready and always give you access to what you need on-the-go.

Power Automate

PowerApps comes integrated with Power Automate (formerly Flow). Power Automate easily connects workflows to hundreds of data sources using a library of connectors and Dataverse – bringing your data together for a single source of truth while you uncover insights as well as customize and extend Microsoft 365, Dynamics 365, and Azure capabilities. Various Power Apps subscriptions come with different numbers of flows that can be run each month, but the number can be scaled up if necessary.

Be more productive automatically with Power Apps. Netwoven can help you recognize whether Power Apps is the right tool for your business. We will work with you to understand your business process and how Power Apps can be used to streamline that process for a more timely and cost-efficient business flow. Let us drive value, build organizational solutions, and leverage the power of automation across your organization.

Contact us to schedule a free consultation or call at 1-877-638-9683 to get started.

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  1. Great post Sujay! Thanks for sharing the blog on power apps.
    It is cost-effective solution that is instantly compatible all major platforms like windows, Android, Ios & web.

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