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How can Your Intranet Ensure an Outstanding Digital Employee Experience

By Aritra Banerjee  •  June 21, 2024  •  157 Views

How can Your Intranet Ensure an Outstanding Digital Employee Experience

Outdated Intranets: A Drag on Productivity and Collaboration in the Digital Age

Outdated intranets are a major roadblock for companies striving for success in today’s dynamic digital environment. These clunky, information-dumping platforms hinder productivity, collaboration, and ultimately, a company’s overall efficiency. These outdated systems often struggle with:

Low User Engagement

Outdated interfaces, lack of mobile accessibility, and irrelevant content often lead to disengagement. This results in employees resorting to workarounds or external platforms to find information and collaborate. A study by Nielsen Norman Group revealed that the average intranet user spends less than 60 seconds per visit on the platform. 

Reduced Productivity

Difficulty finding information, slow loading times, and cumbersome navigation can create delays and frustration, hindering employee productivity. A study by McKinsey & Company found that knowledge workers lose an average of 1.8 hours per week searching for information due to inefficient intranets. 

Hindered Collaboration

Outdated intranets often lack functionalities to facilitate smooth collaboration, like real-time document editing, project management tools, or effective communication channels. This can lead to information silos and hinder teamwork. A report by Frost & Sullivan estimates that poor collaboration due to inadequate communication platforms costs businesses up to $400,000 per employee annually. 

By modernizing their intranets, companies can overcome these challenges, foster a more engaged workforce, and create a collaborative environment that drives innovation and success. 

Imagine an intranet that’s functional and boosts productivity. Microsoft 365 makes it possible – here’s how.

5 ways Microsoft 365 can help modernize your company intranet with example

Now, let us discuss exactly how these 5 tips relate to the modern concepts that can gel well with Microsoft 365 technology for a modern intranet.

1. Utilize SharePoint Online for Your Intranet Sites

Firstly, to make the intranet modern, use SharePoint Online to create and host your intranet sites. It offers a collaborative and scalable platform with features like document management, version control, and seamless integration with other Microsoft 365 apps. Plus, modern SharePoint site templates can give your intranet a fresh and intuitive look. 

Utilize SharePoint Online for Your Intranet Sites

2. Tailor Your SharePoint Intranet with Modern Web Parts

Harness the power of modern web parts in SharePoint Online to craft attractive and interactive intranet pages. With options such as News, Quick Links, Yammer, and Events, you can effortlessly keep users engaged and up to date. These web parts are user-friendly and ensure your content stays dynamic and fresh.

Tailor Your SharePoint Intranet with Modern Web Parts

3. Implement Microsoft Teams Integration

Connect Microsoft Teams with your intranet to boost collaboration and communication. Embed Teams channels, chats, and meetings right into your intranet pages. The best part is that it makes team discussions and collaboration smooth and accessible without switching platforms.

Implement Microsoft Teams Integration
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4. Personalize the User Experience

Use Microsoft 365’s personalization features to customize the intranet experience for every user. With the Microsoft Graph, you can highlight personalized content recommendations—like important news, documents, or events—based on each user’s role and activities in the organization.

Personalize the User Experience

5. Optimize for Mobile and Accessibility

Make sure your intranet works well on mobile devices and meets accessibility standards. Microsoft 365 tools and templates are built to be responsive, so your intranet should be easy to use on different devices and accessible to everyone, including those with disabilities. It’s a good idea to do usability testing to get feedback and make any necessary improvements.

Optimize for Mobile and Accessibility


The ultimate intranet should deliver an amazing experience for everyone, no matter their location, device, or job. The first step? Understanding all these different “personas” so you can tailor the experience for each one. How does Netwoven do it? By talking to people in the business and getting to know them. 

A great digital employee experience boosts productivity, engagement, and job satisfaction. It takes time and resources to plan and implement it right.  

Netwoven has extensive experience working closely with Microsoft and its customers to deploy highly successful modern SharePoint intranets and digital employee experiences built on the Microsoft 365 platform. Please reach out to us for more information.


By Aritra Banerjee

Aritra is an Associate in Marketing at Netwoven, where she contributes to digital marketing and content management initiatives to shape the brand narrative and promote the company's solutions and services. Before joining Netwoven, she worked as a Business Development Executive and Digital Marketer at IEMA Research & Development Private Limited, making significant contributions to the company. Aritra holds B.Tech in Computer Science from Pailan College of Management & Technology and MBA in Marketing from the Institute of Engineering & Management. Outside of work, she enjoys coaching communication skills, crafting, creative writing, singing, and painting.

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