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7 Reasons to move from Workplace to Viva Engage 

By Aritra Banerjee  •  June 18, 2024  •  246 Views

7 Reasons to move from Workplace to Viva Engage


Dear Readers!  

Welcome back to another blog where we delve into the chaos created by the recent Meta update. Most of you would have come to learn about Meta’s putting a shutter on its collaboration tool, Workplace. 

Starting September 1st, 2024, Workplace will be discounted by 50%. The countdown has already begun! 

With over 7 million paid subscribers globally, Meta’s decision requires a thorough explanation to both its extensive user base and the wider public. Does this unexpected turn of events have any relation to the 2023 mass layoff? 

Well, Zuckerberg has been setting Meta’s strategic priorities clear. Metaverse and Artificial Intelligence are now the Social Media Giant’s new focal points. As a result, Meta has undergone significant restructuring over the past two years. Meta’s long-term vision is to shift work focused features to the Metaverse. Hence the tool was no longer serving their purpose as they had found a grand(er!) idea. Simple! 

But…not so simple for the Workplace customers, right? Organizations heavily reliant on the Workplace now face the burden of backing up their historical data. Worry not. You have enough time till June 2026. Please use this time to foster smooth employee communication and internal collaboration. Most urgently, unify data, research alternative tools that best address your business needs, ensure data security and prevent data loss.

While you are researching the alternative tools, here are some recommendations: Viva Engage, Slack, Zoom, and Trello

In this blog, we will keep our discussions centered around Viva Engage.

Employee Retention in Viva Engage

Viva Engage employee experience platform by Microsoft works best for organizations already having Microsoft 365 because you don’t have to pay extra subscription. Using any other tool might only add to the organization’s operating costs. 

As part of the Microsoft VIVA family, it has got the unfair advantage of being integrated with existing communication channels (SharePoint, Teams, etc.) and reducing dependency on multiple platforms. 

VIVA Engage is designed to enhance communication, engagement, and productivity within organizations. Specifically, VIVA Engage focuses on fostering community and connection among employees by integrating social networking features like those found on popular social media platforms.

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7 Reasons to Migrate from Workplace to VIVA Engage - employee retention
Data Source: Microsoft Tech Community
5. Promote Open Communication and Digital Socializing

Viva Engage encourages digital interaction through features like discussions, mentions, pinned conversations, and posts. This empowers teams to share updates, gather feedback, and spark innovative ideas. The platform fosters a more transparent and collaborative work environment, leading to improved team dynamics and overall success.

Promote Open Communication and Digital Socializing
Data Source: Microsoft Tech Community
6. Keep Everyone Informed with Broadcast Announcements

Ensure everyone stays in the loop, regardless of location. Viva Engage allows you to broadcast various announcements through diverse channels like posts, notifications, newsletters, and dedicated announcement boards. Company news, updates, policy changes, upcoming events, and achievements can be communicated effectively, keeping your remote, on-site, and traveling workforce informed. 

7. A Flexible Tool Built for You

Viva Engage isn’t a one-size-fits-all solution. It can be customized to meet your specific needs. Whether you prioritize fostering professional networks, boosting employee sentiment analysis, or streamlining communication workflows, Viva Engage’s versatile features and integrations empower you to create a communication strategy that works best for your organization.

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You are open to a plethora of collaboration tools out there but what best serves your business purpose is an important question you will have to understand before any migration. If you are interested to learn how Netwoven can assist in the assessment for VIVA Engage migration, please reach out to us. We would love to hear from you to help your organization communicate and collaborate better!    

By Aritra Banerjee

Aritra is an Associate in Marketing at Netwoven, where she contributes to digital marketing and content management initiatives to shape the brand narrative and promote the company's solutions and services. Before joining Netwoven, she worked as a Business Development Executive and Digital Marketer at IEMA Research & Development Private Limited, making significant contributions to the company. Aritra holds B.Tech in Computer Science from Pailan College of Management & Technology and MBA in Marketing from the Institute of Engineering & Management. Outside of work, she enjoys coaching communication skills, crafting, creative writing, singing, and painting.

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