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Jive to Microsoft 365 Migration

Migrating from Jive Saves Money and Improves Productivity - We Make it Painless! Download the information you need.

Jive to Microsoft 365 Migration

A Smooth and Seamless Migration from Jive to Microsoft 365 is an Art that We have Perfected

Our unparalleled process and transition management techniques, are true drivers in unraveling a complex migration.
  Workshop Assess Evaluate Plan Execute
  • Education and Strategy
  • Content Inventory and Analysis
  • Discovery, Protoypes and Evalution
  • Migration Planning and Content Mapping
  • Content Migration
  • Jive to Microsoft 365 Workshop
  • Generate Content Inventory Power BI Reports
  • Review Inventory Analysis
  • Conduct Use Case Workshop
  • Prototypes, POC and Evaluation
  • User Communication
  • Gather the Migration Mapping
  • Change Management Planning
  • Group Jive Places in waves
  • Test Migration
  • Bulk Content Migration in Waves
  • Automation Testing
  • User Acceptance Testing
  • Final Migration
  • Post Migration Support
  • High Level Approach
  • Current Jive Inventory Assessment
  • Documented Use Cases
  • Migration Strategy Document
  • Migration Planning and Scheduling
  • Streamlining of Tools and Processes
  • Content Migrated
  • 100% Content Validated

Challenges & Opportunities

Migration Projects are Driven by Decisions Based Around Risk, Costs, and ROI

Modernize Upgrade your business user processes with SharePoint Online, Teams, or Viva Engage to maximize efficiency and productivity.
Content Analysis Every client we have worked with identified Jive as a wasteland of obsolete content. Our assessment reports help you identify only relevant content to migrate.
Improve Discovery Transform and update your legacy information architecture to make finding & managing workspaces and content easy.
Adoption M365 is a huge upgrade from Jive and is much easier to use, but all change requires proper education, training, and management to deliver successfully.

Get Started

A Seamless Migration Process for Jive to Microsoft 365


The engagement starts with an assessment project, where we will analyze your existing Jive tenant’s contents, and conduct workshops with your teams to educate them on the process and allow them to make migration strategy decisions that will affect the overall scope of the implementation.

Change Management

The most important aspect of a successful migration project is having a well thought out organizational change management plan. We provide communications templates, instructor-led classes and personalized training sessions to ensure a smooth transition and drive adoption.

Migration Planning

We have custom Power Apps to allow content owners to easily make decisions around the final migration target for their Jive places and contents.

Content Migration

We use our tools developed in-house to securely and accurately migrate your contents, permissions, pages, and users from Jive to Microsoft 365.

URL Redirection

We provide proprietary solution for URL Redirection that ensures that users who attempt to access the Jive tenant’s contents will be automatically redirected to the specific piece of content’s new location in Microsoft 365.

Archiving Options

We also offer the option to archive Jive contents that may not necessarily need to remain active, but should still be retained. We have our own custom archiving solution that utilizes inexpensive Azure Blob Storage to retain contents in a searchable and retrievable fashion without having to incur the high costs of “hot” SharePoint storage.

Value Realization

We have been Migrating Clients from Jive to Microsoft 365 for Over 10 Years and Our Expertise, Proven Processes, and Knowledge of Best Practices Drives Maximum ROI in the Least Amount of Time

A Smooth and Seamless Migration from Jive to Microsoft 365 is an Art that We have Perfected
  • Rapid deployment
    • Our proprietary templates and solutions accelerate project completion and lowers overall cost.
  • Cost-efficiency
    • Our global-delivery model reduces cost without any reduction in quality and service.
  • Smooth transitions
    • Adoption, training and fully-scoped change management ensures business continuity throughout the migration.
  • Maximize use of out-of-the-box features
    • Our M365 experts will help you utilize M365 to get the most out of your Microsoft investment.


Netwoven is THE Pioneer of Migrating Intranets from Jive to the Microsoft 365 Platform

Detailed Content Inventory Analysis
Detailed Content Inventory Analysis

Before embarking on your Jive migration journey, it's crucial to have a clear understanding of your content's location and potential migration challenges. With Netwoven, our comprehensive pre-migration analysis empowers you to have a clear picture of your Jive contents and make the decisions necessary to drive a smooth migration.

Envisioning Workshops and the Art of the Possible
Envisioning Workshops and the Art of the Possible

Navigating the M365 platform and maximizing ROI can be like discovering a new continent. Our experts will be your tour guides and sherpas, showing you all of the possibilities and working hand in hand to help you utilize them to meet your growing digital employee experience requirements.

Full Fidelity Content Migration
Full Fidelity Content Migration

Our proprietary tooling ensures that your Jive contents are migrated with all of the same formatting as the original and our White Glove Service allows our UI experts to work with your content owners to create pages in SharePoint that are functionally identical or even improved from the Jive version.

Archiving and Content Lifecycle Management
Archiving and Content Lifecycle Management

We work with your content owners, creators, and compliance teams to ensure that not only is the migration is scoped to relevant and up-to-date contents, but that all regulatory and legal policies are met with regards to data retention.

URL Redirection
URL Redirection

Browser bookmarks and hyperlinks in documents should not lead to 404s just because a migration occurred. Our proprietary URL Redirection service ensures that users are provided with a link to the new location of contents or given the information they need if the content they are looking for was not scoped for migration.


Adoption and Transition Management
Adoption and Transition Management

End users, site owners, and administrators are notified, educated, and trained throughout the course of the project so that everyone is running at full speed on go-live.

Pre-Built Customizations for Your Intranet
Pre-Built Customizations for Your Intranet

We have, over the years, developed a healthy library of custom developed extensions for Microsoft 365 that clients have requested to level up their intranet and can deploy these solutions for you as well.

Intuitive Migration Tools
Intuitive Migration Tools

Our proprietary Migration Mapping Application and UAT / Issue Tracking Application streamline site owner decision making and final validation.

By the Numbers

Our Success in Achieving Customer Delight, Cost Savings and Demonstrated Expertise

Successful Jive Migration projects ranging from startup to global enterprise sized clients
and counting in overall licensing savings for our customers
savings in annual licensing costs
years of Jive Migration experience

Customer Success

Netwoven’s global delivery model using right sourcing worked very well for us. Their project managers guided the complete process smoothly during the project lifecycle. Our solution was created on-time and on-budget.
- Kevin CrossmanIT Manager, Collaboration, Juniper Networks
Prior to our engagement with Netwoven we had estimated it would take our Information Services ten years to migrate our intranet content from Jive into Microsoft 365. With the help of Netwoven’s tool set and expertise we were able to reduce that time line to well under a year. Not only are we utilizing Microsoft SharePoint for our intranet but they assisted us in the setup and use of Microsoft Teams which allowed our organization to consolidate our intranet, collaboration and communication tools into one shared and integrated experience.
- Ryan ReifschneiderManager, Information Services, Spectrum Health
Netwoven’s Govern 365 is a comprehensive solution that has helped us apply governance policies to our Microsoft 365 environment. It has helped ensure the right balance of administrative control and providing our users with the optimal empowerment. We no longer have our IT team manually processing requests for new SharePoint Sites and are especially saving a significant amount of time creating sites from our more complicated templates.
- Brett CoxCollaboration Specialist, Keysight Technologies
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